A little rework to consider

Spinoconstrictor: unique

Health: 3,750
Attack: 1,200
Speed: 122
Crit: 10%
Passive: On escape sidestep
Immune to distraction and deceleration

  • Evasive strike : deal 1x damge; gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of opponents damage for one turn
  • Precise rampage : deal 2x damage; bypass cloak and evasive abilities.
  • Nullifying impact : deal 1.5x damage, Remove poster effects*
  • Gashing wound : deal 1x damage, DoT. 33 for two turns.

Wounding counter : DoT of .20 for one turn after receiving and surviving a physical attack

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Sidestep is what makes it passable in the first place, I think it should keep it as a usable move.

Agreed. Keep sidestep. Probably remove the gashing wound instead.

Actually, you could replace Evasive Strike with it too. Sidestep is a basic move after all.

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I don’t see the point in On-Escape Sidestep. It loses Titanoboa’s signature On-Escape damage that way. Remember, none of Spinoconstrictor’s ingredients can actually dodge or Cleanse anyway.
Even the move Sidestep on it doesn’t make too much sense, but it would be effective.
I would have preferred they come up with a new move entirely for the snakes in place of Sidestep, but it works either way.

Gashing Wound makes it less effective against counter-attackers. And the extra damage it does is countered by the fact that you’ve nerfed Wounding counter. So it ends up being worse than Exploit Wound in some situations in terms of surviveability and damage.
Especially if the opponent can Cleanse. The old version wouldn’t have cared because Wounding counter can’t be cleansed. It’s a matter of preference which one is better I suppose.

Here’s my rework for constrictor because I really feel like it needs to keep sidestep and exploit wound…

3900 HP
20 crit
0 armor
125 SPD
1400 DMG

Precise rampage
Exploit wound
Distracting impact

Wounding counter

on escape rampage

immune to distraction

It’s cool but I don’t know about Distracting Impact. I think that move is a bit overused. It makes sense based on the ingredients, but that would make it less…Unique.