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A long term fix for boosts

So I think we can all agree that these boosts are a problem one way or another. Ludia added them to make battles more interesting, which they have as of now. But sadly they are also unbalanced. And as time goes on, one day we will reach a point where everyone has a fully boosted team and the battles will be the same as they were before 1.7.

I have an idea that will balance stat boosts AND keep battles interesting. How about, instead of 10 boost per stat, we have 10 boosts per creature. This will keep things interesting because you now have to decide what you want boosted.

Yes you can still fight a Thor with 209 speed, but it will no longer 1 shot your team as it cannot have attack or health investment. And yes. You can have a rex as fast as a velociraptor but at the cost of other investments.

This will also keep the game interesting because most everyone will have different investments. Someone may have a speed Thor but you may prefer a mix of attack and speed instead. No longer will 2 Dino’s be the same (although there may be a meta for each Dino).

And for those who have more than 10 total boosts on their Dino’s. Just add a remove button that removes a boost level. This will also allow people to change their investments whenever they want if they feel it’s not working.

TLDR - 10 boosts per Dino instead of 10 boosts per stat.

As of now it’s just a suggestion but tell me what you guys think of it. Thanks.

Idk. Just thought it would be a good idea to make boosts accomplish what they were supposed to.

You’d still be able to get a Thor with Tier 5 in both Attack and Speed, no thank you.

Or anything else in both 5 in attack and speed. Like maybe its counters.

They just need to lower the value of boosts to make them not that influential, that’s it.


That’s an option to, but personally I do like the idea of everyone having a dinosaur with unique investments.

There will be very few of those though because everyone will just boost the same dinos the same ways.

There were multiple previous posts with the same suggestion. So i personally like it with exception that speed should be removed out of an equation. Stats like speed, crit chance, armor are pillars of a balance in this game and should not be modified.

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Yeah I do agree with that. I got this idea because I was EV training in Pokémon yesterday so it reminded me of boosts.

Although what if speed boosts were changed to be a % boost. With the max being equivalent to a minimal speed up strike at 10%

Just remove speed boosts. It makes a normal speed stat almost useless.

They need something to change. Hopefully it’s a change for the better.

Agreed 101