A Look at the Top 100 Players and the Current Meta

I’ve read these forums from when I began playing last May and since 2.0, the game is often referred to be as being in a resilient meta. However, are we actually in a fierce meta? The top 100 teams on the leaderboard is perhaps the perfect distillation of the game’s overriding power distribution.

As of 11th Jan afternoon UK-time, the creatures in the top 100 teams at that point were:

TL;DR - Fierce is the dominant faction at the top the leaderboard. Will it change once Hadros, Ceramagnus and Gorgotrebax become available or will Fierce remain supreme?

You could consider the 8 most common creatures (boxed & in bold) as being the ultimate meta although of course this is a simplification and doesn’t mean this is the perfect team composition. Draco, Dio and Spyx are tied but Spyx misses out as it’s the least popular in the top 50 (60%, 54% & 44% respectively).

Of these 8, only 3 have a Resilient attack (strike/impact/rampage) compared to 7 that have a defence shattering move. Diorajasaur is the only one that can’t break shields but even then its counter pierces armour in combination with a high crit %. With so few Resilient moves among the top creatures, and all but one able to shatter defences, how can this be a resilient meta?

With the high percentage of fierce-focussed creatures around, why are cunning-focussed creatures not represented in the top arenas (obviously Spyx just misses out)? Magna, Monolorhino and Tenrex all have some cunning qualities but none are what you would say are cunning-focussed.

If Mortems continue to replace Thors*, all of the top 8 (plus Spyx) will be able to either cleanse or resist distraction in some way, making it even harder for cunning-focussed creatures to get a foothold in the upper leagues. In addition, the majority (5 of the top 8, 6 of the top 9) can remove/bypass dodge too.

When considering Gamepress’ Tier List (and how much value you place on that is up to you), Mammolania is the only ‘Tyrant on fewer than 40% of teams at just 16% (ignoring Apex creatures for now). It’s arguably the most ‘resilient’ of the creatures in the table and should be popular in a resilient meta, but it’s hardly used. Is Lania just not good in a boosted environment or have Gamepress overestimated its power?

As an unboosted, high-Aviary (occasionally low-Library) player, there’s obviously a lot I’m yet to learn about the game in the higher arenas, so what meta do others think we are in and where will we be in the coming months?

Will the rise of Hadros and Ceramagnus shift the game towards resilient or will they struggle in an already-fierce environment? Perhaps Gorgotrebax will give cunnings better representation but will it find it hard to compete with the number of anti-cunning abilities already present at the top?

Does the meta even need to change or are people happy with where the balance of power currently lies?

NB: This was only a snapshot so take these numbers with a degree of caution as they can and do change daily. Total figures may be higher due to rounding.

*I looked at the top 50 on 3rd December when deciding how to invest all my post-sale coins. 84% had Thor, but only 64% of the top 50 have it now. Meanwhile, Mortem representation has doubled from featuring in 10% of the top 50 to 20% now.


magnus will fit in perfectly, it is basically a wollrhino with a rampage and the best speed move in the game as well as stun.
hadros lux will either do worse or better. if you go for rampage, you still declerate with that counter attack which does 75 in the forst place. if you face a chomper, you heal, survive, decelerate them and go for another rampage. literally it takes out all fierce except for tryko. thor cant even kill it when lux heals.

i think lux will do better actually.

trebax will do the worst cuz it is cunning but is still usable with revenge cuz it can nullify anything off the bat

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It 2 shots Tryko with rampage and RR at equal level and no boosts

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Resilient Meta means lots of fierce to beat them, but cunnings are usually a waste of a team slot


Very detailed and well explained. Thank you for compiling the data and presenting it clearly. Also for backing up your data with real information instead of basing it off of your opinion and trying to pass if off as fact (which so many people here do).

This caused me to look at my current roster and I’m going to make some changes to see how it helps/hurts me.


I’m happy to see Nemys in the top 12 :grin:

Because cunnings get KO’d too quickly, and have poor survivability with how Ludia have been updating the game.

Their HP is still too low, priority and swap in moves negate their high speed, resilient moves counter them 100% to the point they can usually only get one move in before they’re a goner (whereas fierce and resilients usually get in at least 2 moves, often against those they’re weak against), too many dinos being able to cleanse (as I see you’ve mentioned yourself), loads of distraction resistant dinos…

Spyx is a great example of what most cunnings should be, imho. Good HP, very good strength (but not as high as fierce dinos), unable to bypass armor/shields, fantastic speed, a few useful resistances. Most cunnings I see (or try to use, even) have garbage HP, average attack, good-fantastic speed and one or two resistances that may or may not be useless.

Also, dodge is the only “damage avoider” that still causes damage, making it borderline useless on its own. Distraction and Invincibility both negate 100% of the damage when successful, dodge only stops 66% of the damage.

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Thanks for reading - sorry I didn’t realise it was as long as it is when I was typing it! I may revisit in a month and see what’s changed once the new update has settled.


I love Spyx - just a shame he doesn’t have full stun immunity to deal with Thor more convincingly.

You make a good point about dodge being primarily a damage avoider, but with cautious impact on Gorgotrebax and evasive impact on Blue recently, perhaps Ludia will bring in more of these types of types of attack for cunnings. Shame they removed the damage from Poukan’s Side Flap when they realised their mistake.

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With the update on Grypolyth, wondering if it will drop out of the top 8, leaving an open spot for something else…


Very nice analysis! Thanks!

I was thinking the othe day what makes cunning creatures so inferior to resilient and fierce creatures at the moment. I guess one factor is that dodge/cloak (and swap in stuns) are randomized, whereas resilient works 100% all the time. I wonder why? It would help some if resilient moves had a similar 75/67% success rate. Or would it?

The reason why mammolania isn’t AS present is the lack of the 2 best creatures in the game: Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus. Except for mortem (usually), Mammolania is killing every apex, which is beastly. It hasn’t really appeared just yet because only one of those 3 is unlockable

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Can’t believe wooly rhino is only 10% it’s such a beast you can get it to 8k hp where it swaps in hits for 2500 through armour stuns and then uses RI for another 3750 while having a ton of armour

Because Mrhino exists and not many players have gained 52k rhino DNA for both

Also usage =/= strongest. They simply counter the strongest class. Which will only get more powerful in the upcoming weeks.

Also if you look at these split classes. Its because of their opposite classes that making the half fierce powerful. Remove resilient impact from tryko and its usage drops dramatically. Get rid of distract from metro or magna. And they become Flies on the wall. Is fierce important? Yes, because they counter the strongest class in the game(resilient) or well suppose to counter.

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Why would they level up mono when wooly is much more usable in tourneys and better in the arena and the people we are talking about are the same ones that got antarctovenator to 29 within a month even though pelta is exclusive wooly has been around a lot longer for them to get it.

Wrhino isn’t better. Mrhino can do much more and can survive longer, and will probably be able to come in again

Wooly seems to have better survival capabilities 8k hp and 30% armour and basic attack shields also can use instant invincibility with a higher attack and a first turn impact which will shut down cunning dinos

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A possible explanation is top players are afraid of a nerf. But wooly seems to be definitely better wooly also can be used in epic tournaments and literally wipe teams

No it doesn’t. Less bulk, it has to take a big hit turn 1, it can be pinned, stunned, bled, and so on. Woolly is gonna get dropped when ceramagnus comes in

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