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A Look at the Top 100 Players and the Current Meta

It can only be half bleed and has a much higher first turn damage that will kill quetz magna spyx erlidom etc. Mono may be better at escaping but wooly can swap in kill something and then kill the next dino and also be used in all sorts of tourneys

Mrhino has a defensive measure for all types of creatures

Cunnung for bleed and fierce
Shield for cunning and resilients

Wooley rhino survivability is a lot less than mrhino. And versatility is less. The only thing it has is a better swap in due to higher base damage.

I’m sorry what? Have you even looked at the creatures wooly has a first turn impact that kills most any cunning it’s base attack is a shield instead of distract and it’s sheild move is instant invincibility instead of group sheild where are you getting this so much weaker thing? And on top of this wooly is easier to make and can be used in epic tourneys