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A look at this game

This game honestly has been reduced to, unfortunately, pay-to-win. Its like reality, the rich keep getting richer, while the poor keep getting poorer. People at the top keep getting more and more boosts and DNA, all whilst probably not even needing it anymore. The boosts that were so-called brought to the game to encourage and increase diversity has backfired on Ludia…err… the players. The game has definitely reduced any enjoyment that one can get from this game. It sounds like Im having a pity party, and maybe it does sound like that, but all I really want to do is to get the players and Ludia to take a long hard look at the game. Having never to grow up during the “Jurassic Era” where companies were pumping out more and more Jurassic Themed Games, this JWA is all we newer generation of Jurassic Fans got. (Also JWTG) I just wished that while Ludia were thinking on how to keep making more and more ways to fill their pockets, they also thought about the experience, in the game, that would leave a good, memorable long-lasting impact towards the players.


If Ludia does care about the game that makes them money, they should listen to their player base rather than ignoring it. Enough talk, here are suggestions to improve the current horrendous state of the game. This would be divided up into sections that would tackle different problematic aspects in the game, and how to fix them.

  • Tournaments

  • 3 Varieties

  • Skill Tourney (All creatures set to lvl 26)

  • Advantage Tourney (All creatures set to normal lvls, but NO boosts)

  • Pay-To-Win Tourney (Glorified version of the arena. Having boosts and creature lvls to original)

  • Rewards

  • All rewards need to be circulated, and not just to be exclusive to each variety of tourney. In this way, players who choose to play in only some varieties of tourneys wouldnt miss out on too much)

  • Additional rewards include bucks (HardCash) if possible

  • Battle Arena

    • 2 Varieties

    • Boosted Version (Basically the only version we currently have)

    • Unboosted Version (A version which sounds exactly what it sounds like)

    • Rewards

    • Like the tourneys rewards are circulated, with maybe even the addition of coins and bucks (HC) to it



Why so much PvP? Boost, no Boost, Skill, Advantage are all Band Aids to a bullet wound.

I rather Ludia move away from this battle centric mindset. Get players to hunt more. Get players to explore more. Its an AR game that you dun even need to move an inch to “enjoy” 90% of the core aspect: battling. JWTG exists so why a 2nd clone?


That and some well used balance will get @Ludia_Developers the money they want, and even more

Look at JW: TG, that game makes money and has a pretty happy playerbase. Yes, it favors the whales,
but that game actually has methods of beating them through player skill. I can’t give examples here, but I’ve beaten crazy opponents there with pure skill.

That games has its version of an unboosted arena, and while 90% of the players play that, the boosted one has better rewards, and the “boosts” i that game don’t cause 1000 USD a creature, partially cause they’re temporary and partially because Ludia is actually competent there.

If Ludia were to give the F2P/casual players a chance, they could make the player base grow and thus make more money, while still having an F2P game.

That is cause most of the best stuff is arena:sanc exclusive

While i agree with you in terms of ludias greed and crazy shop prices (boosts are not the problem, but to buy them with real money is problematic). I have to diagree with this statemant :

Thats not 100% true.
1.Top players get the same amount of boosts then a new player! From incubators 1-3 and from the daily all the same.
Also every boost tournament, with boosts as reward, were skill tourneys (correct me if im wrong here i only remember the last 3-4).

  1. Arena incs… they are so bad and worthless, that a lot of players just drop and go for lower arena incs. At some point they stay the same.
    I have 25k+ of alanqa and stygi dna and thats all you get from high arena incs (most of the time at least).

  2. Weekly events are the same for all. Ok higher player level means more dna i give you that one, but i had to play a long time to get to the point where i’m right now. And if i could do this you can too.

  3. The only huge difference is the monthly reward (keleken hahaha thx) and advantage tourney.
    But tourney more luck based then anyrhing else in this game. You got that level 30 yoshi ohh ok you win this one. It is a non hybrid tourney ohh yoshi useless…

Tl:dr It is not the difference in arena or who played longer or better. It is all about how ludia is handling the players.
Ludia got better (my opinion). There is a lot of room to improved JWA, but it could be a lot worse aswell.

And i hope ludia goes even further away from the AR style and focus on the battle system.

While all AR games i played have this boring run around your neightborhood aspect (AR i know), JWA is the only one with a working battle system. If pokemon had this style of arena, then i would have left JWA after the first week.

The question is why would Ludia want to give F2P players a chance? They are quite replaceable and often quit anyway after some random setback.

In a perfect world, F2P would be a viable option since the company doesnt need to cover its costs. But the problem is JWA seems to be extremely expensive to maintain. Greed isnt even a factor. Its just lack of thought. Coin sales for real money? Why? Once a month FIT sales? Boosts sales? HC sales? If Ludia really wanted money they would have FIT and coin sales weekly. Boost sales once a month and HC sales randomly.

Arena will always be a mess because humans are in them. Dun blame the humans, i blame Ludia for making the game all about battling and nothing about the dinosaurs.

I agree with @NewNewbie but I also see @arugono’s point of view. The boosted and unboosted arenas are amazing but then there also needs to be something new in the map.

There 100% needs to have these suggestions take into consideration.

That makes a huge difference though. If you don’t have level 30s and overlevelled non-hybrids, you have no chance of making it in advantage tournaments. The lower players will just get around a 100 DNA while the top players will get thousands.
The rich keep getting richer.

Plus, with that DNA, they can level their creatures further and continue the cycle.

Events favour higher level players, the arena favours richer players, the only thing in this game that is equal for everyone is skill tournaments (to some extent. Some low level players can’t create some of the stronger creatures, a problem which wouldn’t be as prevalent if Ludia just allowed them to win DNA through skill tournaments).

You’re missing the point though. We’re talking about how the game favours the rich getting richer, are we not? You’re basically telling the poor to get rich too, which doesn’t favour either side’s argument.

If there were to be a non boosted arena, the vast majority of players would go to the non boosted one and then people won’t buy boosts which would leave ludia without money which would furthermore make them unable to support the game, and finally the game will shut down

There is a massive issue here.

The game is ever evolving and that costs money. So catering to the needs of FTP players over that of those who are happy to pump money in is never going to happen. And nor should it because without the money a game makes we who play for free wouldn’t have a game to play!

I don’t have an issue with players in the top arenas having a full dinodex and a few thousand trophies more than me. As long as I don’t have to battle them, and there is the first problem. Every reset puts a whole load of those top players down with us minions who don’t pay. As do the advantage tourneys since FTP players hit a wall sooner than those who have pumped money in to get their teams stronger.

But, as far as games go in giving FTP players access to every aspect of the game, rewards for grinding and so on, this game is very generous. I and my wife and son have played since launch and although we spent a bit of money early on we only buy the trainer packs now. The fact that we still play as much as we do two years later is a testament to how the game has kept our attention as it has.

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I don’t think any of you have played Jurassic World the game they already have arena that is separate from mods aka boosts. They really do need to make it fun for f2p players because if you are going to praise them you should be quit because your part of the problem. Gamingbeaver has supported lduia since Jurassic Park builder and to see that game go it made him sad. If your not wanting to fix the gap between f2p and p2p you should be quite and help give ideas on how to make it better for f2p players. I am tired of having p2p get all the good stuff in the tournaments and they aren’t even worth doing because they get them and they keep the f2p left out with little rewards to catch up. Ludia needs to listen to the f2p and not become what has happened to star wars Galaxy of heroes and never listen because whenever beaver did a video they fixed some of the issues. Its called free speech in his videos they might still invite him to their studio but who knows i don’t work there.

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They did that once. Quite nearly killed the game. 1.7 was a mess. A lot of players quit and everyone said it was boosts. Not quite. The matchmaker quite literally favoured F2P by ensuring they played each other. A slight deviation in team building caused players to meet OP teams. A lot of P2P players quit or threatened to. I came quite close.

F2P contribute numbers but not money to the game. Its fine if they bring something to the game but they increasingly do not.

An unboosted arena does nothing for Ludia’s coffers and only makes the game flabby and more bugged. Why should they do it? So players who refuse to pay can enjoy the game and then leave because their favourite dino got nerfed. What financial good does that do for Ludia?

JWTG is why JWA needs to be more dino hunting centric. If I wanted to sit on my behind and battle, I wouldnt have started this game or played JWTG.

Essentially what you are asking Ludia to do is akin to handouts and punishing those who put in the resources. If you dun put into the system why should you take out? You put time and energy, they put time, money, energy and sanity.

Not to say we cannot make the game less frustrating for everyone. Better seasonal resets, shorter AI timers, limiting farmed boosts and tighter matchmaking. All these benefit all players since the P2P are now progressing away from others and not jamming up the lower arenas. Less anger less uneven matches. F2P can fight each other.


I like battling in this game, though I have to agree with @arugono here. They need to focus on hunting aspect of the game too.

We have special situation now, but once giga scents are gone, what will motivate players to go out and hunt? A bunch of commons they see everyday? Local rares and epics they stocked on them with giga scents? Searching creatures they need in other locals? Map freezings, rubberbanding that they implemented in 1.10 and make it worse with every update?

I’m pretty sure we will all be fed up with local creatures after giga scents ends. Map issues will make players think twice before going on long hunting sessions. Search for those much needed creatures in other locals usually end with very few or even zero found.

Map needs attention urgently. Drops are still rare in some areas, there are blocks without a single drop where I live. Drops changing places is useless feature that only makes players angry when they lose some of them. Distribution of strike towers is worse every update. Every week there are few extremely rare strike towers that are almost impossible to find. Constantly happens that some strike towers never appear in game.

Since 1.10 was increase of proximity spawns. On top of that every proximity spawn momentarily freezes the game. More proximity spawns means less motivation to go out on hunt. Why would I go out walking around blindly if I have no clue that there is something worth hunting outside?

These issues need attention much more than matchmaking. Matchmaking needs improvement, but it takes time to find solution that would make most players happy. Advantage tournaments needs fixing. Those arena monsters ruins experience for everyone that don’t have one. Also they should raise dna rewards for those middle categories, that is actually worth battling for hours against those arena creatures to squeeze into top 500, top 1000.

Better hunting experience will also result in better battling experience for players. More dna you get for creatures you need, more you can lvl your team.


The past few months have just consisted of yoshi I mean proRat. And that feeling hasn’t existed since the introduction of championships. They reward those who max boost there boost salesmen creatures.

Its helping to increase boost sales. Pretty sure next championship will have ProRat in it too.

I dunno about that. Ludia will likely move on to the next boost seller. 1.15 is coming so time for ProRat to go behind the shed and be with DracoRat.

Yes! That is what I’m here for. The dino models, though flawed sometimes, are quite decent. I also have an obsession to collect everything. Now that I have a completed dex, I find myself prepping for the next round of hybrids.
I NEVER, I repeat “NEVER” enjoyed battling. That being said, one year ago when I read the release notes, I had a bad feeling in my stomach. I KNEW boosts would be abused. If somebody like me was able to figure that out from Ludia’s carefully worded [s]sales-pitch[/] release notes, nobody can claim that they didn’t know it either.
So here we are, I’m out of things to hunt. Let’s hope Ludia gets back to adding more creatures per patch and fewer features. The number of new features that have impressed me is far fewer than half of them.

Though its true… I don’t care what creature is next anymore heh. Just get this one out of here! Its been riding boost sales for far too long.

An update that finally nerfs proRat hard is an amazing update. That could be the only thing in 1.15 and I’de say 10/10.

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Yeah focus on the hunting. Like maybe rotating the globals with the exclusives. Put Baryonyx as exclusive and replace it with Allo g2. As an example. Get it out of here lol.

Let us hunt for mammoth, allo g2, titanoboa and pachy. Etc… Its not just about zones. When you go out and see 4 baryonyx and 3 sino. How exciting! Lol

Get Carbonemys spawning 24/7 in parks instead of day only.