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A lot of Problems on iOS game



I have a iPhone 8, 256GB, more then 160GB free space, latest iOS version and updates game.

I have a lot op problems that the game locks:
When i’m in a Fight, spinning a Drop Box, or hunting a Dino the game sort of freezes when I get a phonecall (decline of answer it), get a Whatsapp of Text message (decline of answer it), making a screenshot (edit it or close it). Or when i lock the screen and open it again.

This is realy annoying! I never had this issues EVER with Pokémon Go. This app Always worked, whatever you did or open playing the game…

When I’m in the map, all dino’s dissapear, drop points disppear. Or the game restarts with the message that the game had a update and needs to be restarted.

Can you please make the game stable?


Almost same problem here. Every time my iPhone 6 says battery low I can’t make a touch input on the screen anymore.


Hi there, I’m real sorry to hear that this has been happening in your game. I’m not really sure what the problem in your game is, but our support team would be glad to help you troubleshoot it! If you could reach out to them at, they’ll be glad to help, and if you can include your support key in the email then they will be able to find you faster in our system!