A lot to take in for a newbie

I started playing a couple of days ago and everything looks pretty grand and I think I’ll keep playing this for some time!
However, aside from all the complicated names of the dinos, it’s A LOT to take in and it’s quite hard to figure out if what you’re doing is “the best thing to do” (or better: makes sense).
Then there’s the class breakdown thing which I just can’t remember (it’s probably me)…

Any tips/tricks for absolute newbies???

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You could dig around on https://gamepress.gg/jurassicworldalive/ and read some of their useful articles.

Tip #1: Dart everything! But give epic (yellow) preference over rare (blue) over common (grey).

For me the game just became clear to me by playing it.


I remember when I first started playing, I had no idea what was what in battle. Like when at the start of the attack, all of the statuses and effects will show on the dino being attacked, none of it meant anything to me at first. I just basically tapped the bigger attacks and hoped for the best. If you keep playing, you’ll get accustomed to everything. Dart everything! Collect as many supply drops as possible, join an alliance, join an alliance, read gamepress, and HAVE FUN!

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Don’t worry. I’ve been with this game since almost the beginning and I still can’t understand some of the moves

Instant Cautious Cunning Delayed Evasive Rampage… I’m like “ok just hit the damn thing!”


hahaha! You just made laugh so hard!!!
reminded me of work where I had to do a voice over for a web lecture and it had “transformation rotation magnification” in the middle of the sentence X’D

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Yeah it would be better for newbies if the move names weren’t actively misleading (like Cautious Cunning Rampage having nothing to do with Cautious Strike/Impact/Rampage and instead being more similar to an Instant Cunning Rampage). The game is already complicated enough.

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  • Dart everything. You’ll never have enough DNA when you need it.
  • Some of the best Epics are Thylocotator, Sarcorixis and Procerathomimus. You’ll win alot of early PVP matches with them.
  • There’s plenty of good legendaries but most eventually get outclassed by Uniques. Two of my faves are Monolometrodon and Dracoceratops (who seems to annoy people but that’s part of the fun)
  • Flocks are a nightmare to deal with unless you have a dino that does DOT or group attacks.
  • Once you get to the Aviary, expect to be there for a while.
  • Swap in and Swap out regularly
  • Boost your favorites but don’t be surprised if Ludia nerfs your best dinos after an update and refuses to offer a boost reset. They want you to spend, spend, spend (The game is really Pay To Win, despite what they tell you)
  • Speed kills. Speed boosts are the most valuable.

But do so carefully. A protected swap (one where you apply something like distraction or a shield - or better yet, take down your opponent) is one of the best options in the game, but an unprotected swap just gives your opponent a free hit against you (two if they’re faster).


Yes for sure.

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Get suchotator and thyla, sucho helped me through jurassic ruins and i still use thyla

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Also work on getting easy legendaries with common ingredients or rares that you see a lot

Just like anything in life, practice makes perfect as well as hard work.

We all started off knowing nothing about the game, though I can’t lie it would be more difficult these days than back in the day due to the shear amount of features and Dino’s that are in the game compared to say 2018.

As others have said, dart everything you see but give priority to higher rarity, the more DNA means the more fuses and thus more dinosaurs.

A few tips:

  1. Try not to leave yourself with zero darts, nothing worse than using your last darts on a crap dino only to run into a super rare one a minute later.
  2. Not different strats and dinosaurs, try not to become over dependent on a select few dinosaurs (known as crutches) because you won’t always have then selected in battle.
  3. If you are struggling in battle try video recording a few matches and watching them back, then you can see where you went wrong.

Here’s what really helped my alt account progress:
I started PVP after I got a few epics(yellow) and it sped up progression
I darted whatever I saw
I joined an alliance!

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Perfect example of what many of us still scream at our phones even after 3+ yrs of playing. Along with a muttered, can you please just crit one time for me.


As someone who was around when Monomimus was tearing up arena with her 9 straight dodges in a row, and only like one ability that nullified it I can totally understand that.

To this day I still say it’s dodge was bugged, I truely believe that under certain circumstances her dodge chance was being multiplied, possibly due to getting stuck in a code loop.

I actually nicknamed her Invincibility Emu :joy:


Lol funny name