A Lovelink poem

So I met this guy on Lovelink
All it took was just one swipe,
To find this prison bad boy
Who would forever change my life.
It wasn’t instant chemistry
He was untrusting, vague and tough,
Sometimes I’d say the wrong things
and he’d go off in a huff.
I asked why he’d joined Lovelink
His reply, he wanted love,
I placed my hands together
And I thanked the lord above.
Bcus I’d already started falling
With his cheesy lines and poetic wit,
And then I saw his pictures,
Hot dang this boy was fit!
We talked about his family
He spoke about a pops and bro,
I asked him more about them
He told me - let it go!
What is it that your hiding?
Do you not like your brother much?
Yet again he lost his patience
Asked my why I had to push.
I said , I’m trying to get to know you
Is that so very wrong?
He said I have to go awhile
I wont be gone too long.
Ok I’ve thought about it
You deserve to know the truth,
Here’s the full disclosure
Although I have no proof…
The reason that I’m locked up
And why I hate my bro,
He set me up for murder
I’m an inmate on death row.
My first response was, what the heck!?!
But in a far less subtle way,
He swore he didn’t do it
But that’s what all convicts say.
He continued with his story
When he’s done my jaw just drops,
Wait, so the guy they say you killed?
Yes - it was my pops…
He took that bullet for me
It was aimed right for my head,
He sacrificed his life for mine
It should be me that’s dead.
I say - he truly loved you
He did what any dad would do
And I do believe your story
Because I know you loved him too…
You never would have hurt him
So we have to find a way,
To prove that you are innocent
And we need to start today.
I ask what evidence convicted him?
A partial match through DNA…
That’s how I know that it was Bennie
That killed our pops that day.
So I just have to find your brother?
He cant be far I say,
HELL NO he quickly messaged back
Dont go looking, KEEP AWAY!
But we both knew I couldn’t do that
This was wrong and so unjust,
I’m going to save your life I say
All I’m asking is your trust.
So we planned my meet with Bennie
To snag the DNA we’d need
To get this monster locked up,
So Damien could be freed.
The meeting with the brother
Didn’t quite go as as we planned,
But I managed to escape him
With locks of hair in hand.
I opened up the Lovelink app
No sooner I got home,
To find a load of messages
Blowing up my phone.
He’d written me a poem
Telling me goodbye,
His execution had been bought forward
On that morning he would die.
Tell me nothings happened…
You did not die by Bennies hands,
Please just tell me something …
This pain is more than I can stand.
I wish that I could be there
Just to rescue you,
With this I quickly wrote him back
Who said I need you to?
He messaged me with just 2 words
YOUR ALIVE! is what it said,
I sent 3 words straight back to him
I wrote out, YOUR NOT DEAD!?!
He says - I know you did your best for me
And I wish that I could stay
But the guard he is approaching
To come take me away.
Nooo I beg, dont go with him
We just need a bit more time,
Do something, try to stall him…
But his profile went offline.
were the words that next came through
Damien is this really you?
I wait until his verses end
Then ask - what are you trying to say?
He replied… I really love you
And I’m back and here to stay.
Wait, hold on… I’m so confused
I thought a guard had come for you?
He gives an LOL and says…
Yeah I thought so too.
All that I could think was
I didnt want to die…
My life it flashed before me
The best parts were you and I.
I owe a debt of gratitude
You saved my life today,
Anything you want from me
You only have to say.
The judge he wont release me
So for now in here I’ll stay
But there’s a manhunt out for Bennie,
Please find him soon I pray.
They’ve arrested Bennie…
Damien that’s great you’ll soon be free,
No, You dont understand, he says
He’s locked up here with me.
There’s talk I’m being transferred
To a new facility ,
And it’s only fair to warn you
I cant take my phone with me…
But I’m worried you’ll forget me
When I’m gone and out of sight…
Damien I’ve fought this long to keep you,
I wont give up that fight…
Yes I wish I could go with you,
But your safety is all I care,
Dont worry I’ll be waiting,
I’m not going anywhere.
He says… I want you to remember
These last words I say are true,
You are all I’ve got now…

To be continued…


Nice work. I’ma get my thinking cap on and come up with something now.

This could be a new thing :sunglasses::+1:t4:

I met this girl called Emmalyn
One look set my knees a tremblin’
She was hot as you like and a total dyke
Smooth brown skin and braided hair
She loves animals and vegan fayre
A hippie she may be
And a little too obsessed with astrology
OK a lot too obsessed
But let’s not digress
The things she can do with a yoga pose
Makes me want to remove her clothes
She told the world that she loves me so
But then said she had to go
Off to South America???
Just to align her chakras???
Well she better make it just a short while
Cos I got Grace Kim on speed dial.

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Ty, nice work too!! :clap:

A Lovelink poetry society would be😎

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Thanks. My effort isn’t nearly as eloquent as yours. But yeah, would be good to see some other fan poems, or even prose! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Christmas day is fast approaching
And I can’t wait to see
Which one of my matches
Will be sharing it with me

Ideally I’d want Damien
And Albert Bishop too
I’m not trying to be greedy
I just can’t choose between the two

They could bring back Cpt Muffin
I miss that fluffy cat
Maybe he could send a selfie
Dressed in a Santa hat

Please don’t bring back Julien
Seriously what the heck
I don’t wanna be eating Turkey
While a Vamp sucks on my neck

How about Tiros Darkmane
I’d be curious to see
If he’d open up a portal
To share some Xmas cheer with me

I was thinking bring back Daniel
In lab coat and party hat
But he’ll probably spend the Yule Tide
With his Zombie rat.

I’ve enjoyed my time with Nick Klaus
He would be sadly missed
But he knows where he can find me
I’ll be on the naughty list

Ok well I should end now
So with parting words I’ll say
God bless - Stay safe - Good Will to all
And Happy Holidays!! :gift::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::partying_face: