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A magic dino?!


Since i don’t usually use darwinopteryx i had never seen his swoop animation before. I have no picture of it, but for some reason he turns into a magician and poofs out a cloud of purple smoke! Kinda like a smoke bomb!
And i have seen him (and dimorphodon) flying around with a purple trail…


Does this mean… no, it can’t!


Btw update reveals tomorrow, thats what everyone says anyway… Ornithomimus hybrid looks dope!


I had that with dimorphodon too, it gives him a whole new look :wink:

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Shooting lasers from their butt

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Oohhh, boy. This is a fun glitch. I’ve seen it at least twice now, both on Dimorphodons, and I took a screenshot of the first occurrence. Unfortunately, I don’t have it anymore as I’ve since gotten a new phone, but it’s fun to sometimes see a flyer with a majestic magenta tail. lol Oh, and I’m pretty sure it’s a textual glitch, which might be obvious.

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It’s darwinopterus


I have not seen this, but I did see something strange happen with dimorphodon. I was riding in a vehicle & didn’t get the screenshot fast enough, but there were 4 of them flying in a circle like vultures. Looked cool.

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Sorry for misspelling…