A map we can "explore"

Instead of just a little chapter list to choose from, can we have a “map” we can pick and chose to “explore” and have daily quests that are like “the village of so and so in the blah blah forest needs your help eliminating trolls” or something like that, give it more of a campaign feel


Wouldn’t mind being able to fly over the areas explored already. Should be easy to do.

Totally agree. At the rate these characters level up ill be bored by level 7. The game needs more freedom

Additionally, giving us the ability to take our new, low-level characters through old dungeons, even if we don’t fight the boss-level again, to let them gain XP and level up without having to wait for a free run, or pay for one. The current state of the leveling up new characters feels awkward at best. It needs serious improvement. Otherwise you’re just encouraged to keep playing your main group you started with.

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