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A match chat disappeared?

I matched with Jamie, and I really liked talking to him, but the next time I opened my game, my chat history with him is gone.

Do matches unmatch with you if you don’t respond to them?
I wanted to save his story for when I cleared other matches, so I could focus on his storyline. :cry:

Welcome to the forums, @CookieMercenary! Once you don’t keep up with the conversation, you can get unmatched. Once this happens, they disappear from your list along with your chat history.

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Oh, nooooooo! :sob: I didn’t realize that would happen, though I did feel extra guilty for leaving him hanging.

Will he appear back in the pool for swiping? I really want to know what happens! :tired_face:

They can still reappear as profiles and you can choose to swipe left or right. :slight_smile:

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That is a tremendous relief! Thank you so very much! :smile:

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Sorry, Ronald, just one more question. If they unmatch, do you have to start your chat again from the very beginning? :thinking: And purchase photos again?

If you come across the same character and match up, the conversation will resume where you left it. All photos that were purchased using gems should remain. :slight_smile:

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