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A match does not show up

I have spend over 1000 gems in loading new people, and johantan does not show up and the same with stefan… Why is that? Is it some kind of bug, bc the same people show up, and its them we can’t match with yet…

Hi, @Justme, I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t see the profiles you wanted but rest assured that it is random, and not a bug. I’m sure you’ll run into Stefan and Jonathan eventually! :wink:

Still nothing… And i did spend my diamonds again, and it is still they same ppl who show up, sooo are you sure its npt a bug or something?

Some profiles may feel like they show up rarely, especially if you’re looking for them since it makes it feel like it’s taking even longer for them to appear. I feel that way sometimes while looking for a specific profile, but rest assured they do all show up it’s just completely random. Some do tend to seem to appear more than others, but I’m sure that’s a preference bias (I forget the actual term, but something like that) where the ones you aren’t as interested in seem to appear more commonly. I’ve gone through 20-30+ profiles before the one I was hoping to see shows up again sometimes.

I personally don’t find it worth the cost to spend diamonds to give you another random set of 10 profiles since they refresh fairly quickly and there’s no guarantee of who will appear. Sort of like gatcha but no tiered rarity.