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A matchmaking observation/question?

So as we all know by now matchmaking is rather broken with everyone facing much higher level teams. (Personal experience involves my Lvl 23s being rinsed by Lvl 27/28 Thors and rats)

The question I am asking however is why don’t I get the destroy teams of Lvl 20s for example as I crash out of Aviary for the umpteenth time?

Is it the pyramidal nature of trophy counts or some other factors?

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I think a lot are finding they were higher than they should have been, and are getting knocked down to natural level.

Me, I couldn’t get into Aviary, despite being there solidly before they changed the MM last update, and I ended up in the marshes below Lockwood estates. Now I’m solidly in the upper regions of Aviary with the same basic team I had before.

I’m seeing even matches, and have been for the last week and a half.

What arena/ trophy count are you at? What was your highest with L23 team?

It has taken time for players to correctly plateau out to where they should be with their teams. I’m finding that match ups are balancing out better now. It has taken time but it is slowly working.


I understand what you’re trying to say and agree, but I’m on the other end. I rarely get matched with teams above me and get the opportunity to win more than 20-something trophies. Of course, if I lose it’s usually 30+. While I wouldn’t say I smash them all, hitting a losing streak is devastating and takes forever to recoup the trophies.

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Roughly a week ago I abruptly went from matching with stronger teams within 15 seconds, to count downs to zero for AI. (Which I was happy about)
When I do get matches they are close to me in strength.

I am hoping that they fixed something under the hood without telling anyone, but being the skeptic I am it’s probably a fluke and I’ll probably get punched in the face promptly at 5PM EST time :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m noticing too. The match ups have been much more balanced in the last few weeks after I floated up and down from arena to arena.

The Aviary is the absolute worst Arena you could find yourself stuck in - I know. I’m exclusively matched with teams about 500 trophies above me who smash me with their ridiculously boosted Thoras and rats. No matter what I do - put in my A team, B team, whatever - I cannot get any fair matches.

Friends in lower and higher arenas tell me that mm appears to be fair(er) than it used to be - well this clearly does not apply to Arena 10 (Aviary).

I don’t think I’m incompetent in the arena - if someone disagrees, please send me a DM (public shaming is not allowed :wink: ), but why is my trophy count right now (which was > 5,200 before the disastrous changes 1.7 mm brought) the same I had in December?

Ludia seems to try to make things easier in the arena for most players, even adding easy bots after two losses as high as Lockwood Estates (they get 40 trophies for a guaranteed win), and apparently using trophy-only mm in the higher arenas (the only fair mm). But those of us in the Aviary are stuck in a never ending nightmare…

My hopes are that 1.9 will bring fair mm to all… my fears are that it won’t.


Although I agree matchups are better, punishment for leveling is still happening. I’m still facing teams a good amount over mine but not as much of a gap as before. I leveled a few & just faced higher teams instead of getting an edge. I don’t understand what the point of leveling is if it stays this way. Why spend the coins or dna if you are just going to face teams at an increased lvl after you do?


Not seeing any noticable change. Played lots of battles today (50+). Trophy range didnt change.

Still tons and tons of level 30 thors and almost as many dracos.



I highly doubt any change without an update.

I’ve said that before and sorry if I sound like a broken record… but that’s just confirmation bias. I’ve had it the same way (my wife and son too) - we bounce around couple hundrets throphies feeling cheated by MM because we get opponents with much higher throphies count, but that is not the case. You see your opponent max throphies count - when I dropped 450 in one day my opponents were facing someone who looks like has almost 500 throphies more, but in fact is more or less around the same.
I’m keeping my team ballanced - when I’ve had dinos lvl 19 T3-5 boosted I was bouncing around 3.3-3.6k (once dropped to 3.1k range) with the same team. When I’ve leveled dinos up to 20 I got to 4.3k and stay around 4.0-4.3k for some time. And guess what? I get the same opponents in that bracket (3.3k-4.3k) - people with mostly lvl 19-22 dinos with ocasional 24-25lvl thor/indor or up to lvl 26 rat/einias/tany or some other cheap dino. It’s just that game is not that young and you have alot of playerbase crowded in few arenas spread - you get some with better dinos but lower skill (that is why they are so low) or some with better skill and lower dinos. And since you see others max throphies count when you join that with fact that people with a bit of luck can get couple hundrets up in throphies and then just drop it makes you feel cheated looking at your opponents profile. Instead you should feel glad that you are good enough to get matched with someone who is a challange* and not easy win.

Also - if you say you dropped from aviary many times that means you had to get there back, so it doesn’t look like you’re always loosing.

*- team with one dino like thor/dc 5-6lvl higher doesn’t count to this - in that case you should feel disgust :wink:

Not really workning on me…

My team And current trophy…

I understand all that, but when you cannot progress no matter what and you’re not totally incompetent in the arena (I’ve finished in top 500 in skilled tournaments) and have a decent, well boosted team… couldn’t something be wrong with the mm, at least in the Aviary where I’m stuck?!

Ive said this before and its completly Ludias fault… last time i checked the numbers which was early mid season we had something like 175k players from 40 trophies to top of the leader board… after about 4500… the number drops to around 10-12k and last seasons number put like 3k after 5200.
3k players between 5200 and 1… those numbers make selective match making close to impossible… there are more people in sorna then their are in the top 4 arenas combined.

Even strictly trophy based match making would struggle…due to that fact that nowhere near those numbers are online and actively playing in the arena at any given time. So bad match making in Ludias eyes is better then having to constantly feed people ais just so they can complete dailys and alliance missions…

Plus in Ludias logic if your always out boosted/leveled you might decide to spend some money.


Aviary is same as other arenas. As Evicton says, there is not enough players from Aviary till last arena. Also depends when you battle. Different day times affect matchmaking. If you add to that overleveled Thor and DC matchmaking in Aviary is totaly logical and “normal”.

I’m mostly bouncing between 4800 and 5100 trophies. My team average is 24.75.

@LoneRedRover There is absolutely no connection between facing higher lvl teams and leveling up dinos. In past week used same team without any leveling or boosting. Faced teams of 24-27 lvl dinos and lvl 28-30 dinos teams as well.

I’m sorry but it does affect matchmaking. It raises your team average. You may still be facing unbalanced teams at a lower lvl but the “normal” teams you face will get higher as you lvl your team. I have leveled my team multiple times since the update & it is the same every time. Not to mention, it was in the announcements ludia has made & in the “tips” you see before battling that team average is considered in matchmaking. You are lucky it hasn’t affected you yet. When players get to a higher trophy lvl & there are less people in the battling pool at a closer trophy count, 1 or 2 lvl difference in your team is going to affect matchmaking more dramatically than in lower arenas. The bottleneck in aviary is making it worse.

Battled lvl 26-29 teams before 1.7 update. For me nothing really changed. Except that time when matchmaking was a mess and I got ranked on leaderboard there was no real difference in matchmaking for me. Seeing more lvl 30 dinos only.

Leveled up Thor and boosted Rinex hp and attack in last two days and didn’t notice any higher teams.