A Matter of Music

Now, music may seem trivial for a game like this, which it is. But hearing the same 2 songs the entire time you play this game can get tedious. I think that new music could really help the game. Maybe there could be different songs for the raids(rare, epic, legendary, unique, apex). Or maybe for tournaments. Or maybe for them over the top bosses like Lord Lythornax or the Dodo. Would I love that, absolutely. But then again, it’s just music.


I mean, you could just turn the music off while leaving the sound effects on and listening to this in the background and it’ll achieve the same effect :rofl:


As @Persianking44 said, yes just turn off the in game music and play another one.

I used to play Half Asleep Chris music while playing the game, planning to do that again soon


I play the only thing the fear is you(I don’'t know why,but near the end of the song, I get crt.)and halo themes songs,and Overlord

I turned the music off right away. Only because I read an article a few years ago that said that music in games is meant to distract and thus slow down your progress.

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