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A Message For Arena Droppers



Gotta love these guys who cant compete at their own level
Deranking phenomenon

Hahaha Mr T.

That guy was hilarious

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I think we need some context when it comes to arena dropping…

There are rude folks playing over-leveled dinos and being downright mean just to get incubators, and then there are folks like me with many levels of dinos playing the appropriate levels in each arena–which I think is awesome and should be encouraged. :sunglasses:


Yes, I am one of those people. I drop arenas here and there, but I only do it when I’m on a losing streak to the point where I actually touch the previous arena. It frustrates me to no end, but then I get there and I’m like -

“Welp, I got this far. Let’s go all the way! :upside_down_face:

And I use the dinosaurs that are level appropriate for that arena. The only time I didn’t do that was on accident. I was in the Badlands thought I took all my Legendaries out of my deck, but when I found a match, I turned out to have Paramoloch chilling there, ready to stun some butt. Whoops… After that, I made sure to take her out.

But that was it. It annoys me to fight folks with my level 15 dinos when I have to face a freaking Thoradolosaur. Not. Cool.



It gets boring fighting with and against the same creatures for the same position day after day.

I love dropping. I get to use different teams, and I like that lower level teams (drop team) can wreak havoc. There are some pretty decent combos you can get that cause damage, but overall aren’t great creatures. It’s fun winning a match or almost winning with a team ten levels below your opponent.

As for going up, yes. I do win with superior force, but not usually over the top.

Take advantage of the Droppers, the spots they had are now vacant. You can hit highs you never would have, and then camp for the next tournament.

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@Dinobai18 When I forget to swap back in the correct dinos I swap in/out until they kill me so they get the win. It’s annoying, but I’d rather do that than let them think I was in it for a free win.


Rarely use the DC, just there in case I run into a dropper going back up.


I’m planning on dropping down to terrorize the newbies with my team of level 20 Legendaries and 21 Indoraptor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m joking pls don’t yell at me kthxbye


For normal dropping I would agree with the above.

This is a limited time frame event you got 3 days to race down and back up again for the tourney.

When you drop especially below marshes you have a huge advantage over them low arena players.

I personally think “for this event” the kindness would be to (if your gonna drop) make it apparent that is what your doing on the way up and by that I mean do stuff like put in enough higher level rarer stronger Dino’s to go up. Play nicely with them. Let your lower level opponents try some to beat in a learning way.

Don’t put in your most obscure Dino’s and battle full out.

That guy is probably still trying to get and figure out how he lost his allosaurus to mine. And prolly spending coin time and requests to fill on it. And no I wasn’t dropping on purpose I was just trying an all Dino real Dino team.

Most low level players are still trying to learn the basics like what is a stun lock etc.

Better teach them. Or just blow them out of the water. At least when they are blown out of the water they don’t get a mixed signal.

They walk off going

"jerk only beat me cuz he had (blank Dino) "

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Of course the message is for the first case x)

Doesn’t really affect me that much nowadays, but I remember the feeling when that happened to me… and with that Alliance Rush coming, it’ll probably happen a lot in lower arenas.


I dont drop arenas, but if I did, I would want fun instead of losing over and over.

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You take the good with the bad. For everyone who dies in a level 6 arena to a team of legendaries there is also someone who got a free win to get them that low. I remember coming up to where i am now i fought my fair share of legendaries at level 5 but to the same point i also fought level 6s in arena 7.


Can’t hear you, hoarding Stiggy DNA in Arcardia


Does arena dropping actually work though?? I have almost never gotten the DNA I was looking for in any arena. I’m in Jurassic Ruins and I’ve never gotten dracorex in an incubator and I’ve been here for a while. I had the same problem in Sorna.
I have thousands of Stygi gen 2 and still haven’t unlocked a pyrirritator, and I’ve been playing since last July.

I’m genuinely curious if arena dropping is worth it, because playing this game the fair way doesn’t seem to.


Not really, sure as player drop, there’s ONE free win for someone, but has soon as they go up, there’s TWO losses. Why? All the legit guys who get pounced by over levelled dinos are then being dropped from what would be their normal level. So, for every losses, there’s more players with better dinos who are going down, who then pounce other legit players as well (though, they never voluntary wanted to go down themselves) and so on. So, not only legit players are loosing to lazy guys who are now going back up, they are also loosing to legit players who are pushed down as well, which easily double the number of losses. This is why sometime, it’s hard to win one game out of 8!!! You get beaten by Arena Droppers, but you also get beaten by legit players who would be normally much higher than you, but got pounced as well. If 25% of the players (VERY CONSERVATIVE) are dropping, then, when they go up, there’s a huge load of legit players who are then dropping. So, suddenly, 50% of the players have much better dinos than you.


I’m not an arena dropper. I just never went up. This is my second account example of what I play in PvP and below that (the next 8 and more) is what I use to do strike towers and beat most the epic ones.

I’m in Arena #3 S.S. Arcadia and will stay here because my biggest loosing streak is only 2. At this level you play an easy bot after 2 losses so it’s a good place to stay for incubators. I don’t have to play all night to get them or the daily one. I also have almost 30 level 10 dino’s to choose from so I keep it interesting.


Right upon the alliance rush, many battling teams are sending underrated dinos to the arena… Trying for what???


Always nice to give the weaker players have a chance to play too…:grinning:
Dropped 500 in 30 minutes…those level 1’s like to play too.


@Lovesdisco It does work–if you don’t mind playing the slow game. When there’s not a tournament going on, this is what I’ll do, because it’s way more fun to play with a variety of dinos and go for the dna you need instead of fighting the same dinos every battle.


Well played mr. T