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A message from Temerity

This isn’t your formal goodbye, as it is what ludia has to hear. This isn’t just what I’m thinking as it is more of what the community is feeling. I’m not going to proclaim to tell you how everyone feels. Because not everyone has the same experience. But I do talk with a lot of the community. I do listen , and I do conversate. I try to understand everyone points of view and I just want to get this feeling out that a large portion of this community is feeling right now.

Excuse my language as it may seem a bit aggressive at times. That’s just frustration showing. But, it will only provide the truth. This game is in a terrible state right now. It only seems like things that effect the wallet drastically like infinite boosts, extra dna being given out are the only problems being fixed. It takes a day or so to fix these and with out hesitation they do get fixed. But other problems? The ones that effect only the player? Where are those fixes at. The pink screen thats been around for 2 years, raid problems thats been around since raids been introduced. The arena problems. I got brought with excuses that it requires time and resources. I get that. But it’s been more than enough time and the problems are still there. There has been no fixes to any problems. Even the friend thing that didn’t work got reintroduced. And without the proper 10 steps you won’t get it working. And EVEN then it still not guaranteed.

I have seen companies do more than ludia has in less time and with less resources. If anything ludia should be ashamed of their performance as a company. This game at its core is a beautiful thing. It really is, and props to that. But nobody can see that under all that scar tissue that the customers have. Nobody can feel it, nobody can touch it, It’s impossible. I’ve always said. You cant fix a bullet wound with bandaids. Adding new features, new creatures are only bandaids. Meanwhile, all the problems, glitches and bugs still remain. This game is a chore most days as everything either freezes, doesn’t work , or takes forever to load. There’s no in between.

For the first 2 years, I stuck up for ludia. Stuck my neck out for them. A lot of players could tell you how much I did. Especially when I was in Apex Predators. But you’ve gone too far. I feel backstabbed. I understand as a company you need to be greedy. But you can be greedy, without being disrespectful. You can be greedy, while still having integrity. You can be greedy, while still providing a fun environment for everyone. You have failed in this aspect. Not only have you shown greediness. But you’ve shown thievery. You’ve even gone entirely against Google ToS by the way the state of the game is. It feels like all you care about is numbers. As long as you have players who cares how poorly the state of the game is right? Well wrong, as some one who has extensive business knowledge. Customers should always come first. Customers happiness should always come first. While you can’t make all customers happy you can relieve the pain. Fixing the bugs while the meta is stale, is one way to relieve the pain. Atleast it would be playable. But we have a stale meta, infinite number of bugs and glitches and a company that shows it does not care. A company that shows it will not listen and a company that won’t look in the mirror and see the real problem. The coding is in shambles, the game is in a terrible state but the fix is simple… the fix has been provided. The thing is, you have to do more than listen. Listening will only get you so far, it’s the actions that speak louder. Apologies are meaningless without the actions to back them up. And while we get apologies often, actions says those are nothing more than just words.

Ludia you have an obligation as a company to provide integrity, caring, loyalty to your customers and you failed in every regard. What are we paying for? While I may not have been the biggest spender. I have given this company 30,000 and all I’ve gotten in return is a game I can’t even play. Don’t let this beautiful game go to waste because of greed. Start to provide us with what is required. We aren’t paying to have a chore, we are paying to enjoy the game. At the end of the month, I will either be leaving this game or not spending on this game anymore. I’ve already canceled VIP and I will not pay for a company that can’t provide me with entertainment value of which I paid for.

You took the weekend off while your customers were suffering to the highest degree for almost a full week which effected their alliances as well… I do not think I need to say more.



This. All of this right here. 7 days now tons of people have been unable to play. This is absolutely absurd. The icing on the cake so to speak. Ludia, it’s time to step up. This game needs fixed. I for one (and I know I’m not alone in saying this) would rather have 1 update with nothing new added if it meant these bugs that plague this game got fixed. Pink screens, raids, people unable to even log in. These issues need addressed and can no longer sit on the back burner.


Is the pink screen when you are in mid battle and it just closes and takes back to the battle screen out of nowhere? That happens to me a couple times a week I feel.

I’ve got players locked out in my teams too and it’s ridiculous. These people missed out on a great week of exclusive dna and everything else that you normally get. All supply drop items, sanc items being used, all the towers, then they missed the tournament which not only affected them but their teams.

Ludia should +1 every teams championship tier this month.


Yes. In three years I’ve seen a lot of slip ups but this one takes the cake. It wasn’t long ago gamepress wrote an article and ludia replied and said they heard us. Well they obviously didn’t.

All week and only three times have you updated on this horrible situation. It’s been clear for a long time that no matter how much anyone likes the game it’s the community that keeps us here. This isn’t just the people that can’t get in that are upset it’s all of us.

The communication is lacking and it’s truly sad to think of some of the people that make the community what it is possibly walking away because this drew a line that shouldn’t have been drawn


@moderators can you contact luckyducky about this? there’s been a horrible mix-up… luckyducky and temerity are :100: 2 different people and 2 different accounts


Couldn’t have said it better.


For any and all ban appeals, there is a process listed on the forum rules page. Please makes sure to read the rules page and follow instructions listed there about Ban Appeals.

I mean… it seems silly to make LuckyDucky initiate the process since she was just delivering a message as requested… but okay, message relayed


Stop silencing people because they’re right


Okay everyone.

I have had to post the Forum Rules multiple times today.

Take a few minutes to read through them.

Opinions, ideas, suggestions, frustrations and other content is fine to post as long as you follow all the rules.

No one is silenced however any post that violates the posted rules will be sanctioned appropriately.

Again, as I have said before, if you have questions about something please reach out to a moderator to discuss this as the forums is not a place to discuss moderation.

There will be no more posts about moderation, future posts stating that the moderators, doing their jobs, are silencing players will be seen as arguing with staff.

The forums are here to discuss the games in all aspects, not moderation practices.

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This wouldn’t have even been a problem if Ludia just did their jobs to begin with! I’m not blaming you because i know that you have nothing to do with JWA development, but this whole situation is a mess and we deserve answers now.


So I haven’t been here for a while and this is the truth. All I have to say. This thread will definitely get deleted though…

Clearly, the community is frustrated, and they have every right to be so. After all, this is a social game, and many of our friends cannot log into the game. This affects our raids, our rewards, and our enjoyment. Certainly, the product managers at Ludia responsible for JWA cannot be giving this situation the cold shoulder because it will affect their revenue goals.

Many assumptions are being made in this post. Unless you were in the corporate offices and saw missing engineers not tackling this problem, one cannot claim that their team was not working on this issue. Coming from this industry, I haven’t seen many cases where this happens. Usually, especially during a critical issue, we are in the office practically sleeping there, trying to find a solution, test, and plan for a live update.

Operations are not that simple, and companies are often cautious about what is communicated not to disappoint the community.

This is what we do know about Ludia. If a fix was not possible or worked on right away, they will roll back the update. The update hasn’t been rolled back, which means they are working on it, albeit longer than normal.

The best course of action is to escalate and provide them with information. As a community, we can communicate as Phil did what we would like to see in return for compensation. Charlie Blue has done an amazing job tracking this and has listed them in the following support forum thread.

There is a saying you can attract bees more bees with honey than with vinegar. The allegations made in this post are not fair to Ludia nor very helpful towards achieving what we would like to see at the end of this ordeal. Please join us to obtain Ludia’s attention on what the community expects as compensation, otherwise expect the 100 cash.


Ludia needs to stop keeping their silence and communicate with their player base then.


People have been trying to be nice. People have begged for answers. People asked if anyone was working over the weekend, multiple times, to receive no response from about 5pm Friday until 9am this morning.
I disagree with attacking mods/community managers over it, as it’s out of their control. but Ludia as a whole has yet to actually prove to us that they’re trying other than the responses of “standby we’re looking into it!” that are being sent to try and placate us…


Okay everyone, the moderation staff is here to make sure that the forum rules are followed to make sure that this stays an enjoyable place to state it.

I am sure that there will be more information shared once it is available, however the moderation staff has no other info than what is seen here and we are here to make sure the rules are followed so please keep that in mind while using the forums.


It is out of their control but sadly the community is taking out their anger on them because of Ludia’s lack of communication with us. The longer this goes on, the worse its going to get for the Mods.


:100: :100: :100:
I feel bad for the mods/community managers since they’re being forced to be the ones to deal with the angry community


I don’t think its exactly that people are taking it out on the moderators, but it’s a perfect storm of unusually heavy moderation so you know they are there (And some responses were cheeky which just enrages players more), lack of communication, frustration, and extreme low morale.
It comes across as combative on both sides.
And everyone needs to think about that before posting.
This is not all on the players.
This tops 1.7 by a wide margin…
Never thought that would be possible.


Thank you ceekreegz. As for me I will continue to show them the respect and support they need at this moment. I am sure they are as stressed out as us. If information and patience is what they need, then lets give that to them. Remember it is not up to these helpful individuals to decide on what is communicated, that decision resides with the higher ups who are well aware of what the community is asking for.