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A messed up hybrids pursuit?

Anyone else see this?

@Ned can we get confirmation?

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What’s the problem?

Spincon pursuit so it makes sense to me.

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Confirmed, th3bub14. :smiley:

It should be correct.

Why didn’t they just combine the spinoconstrictor pursuit into one pursuit? :roll_eyes:

Oh ok I thought this week was entelomoth

Are you really complaining about an extra week of snake? lol


It’s a shame the snakes trash though

It is right now. But it’s an exclusive creature and we never know what is going to happen with the next update :woman_shrugging:


True lol I’ll take some snake over the hairy pachyderm any day

Yes sorry :rofl: I have a level 25 lania ive been grinding on it lately.

Didn’t we have this same pursuit right before the last megaloceros pursuit? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take all the boa I can find but why do the same one again right away?

I mean I wanted a Moth pursuit as well lol. I just finished my Lania so I want to stock up on Mammoth for Entelomoth.

Yeah I feel you I just got my hopes up :grinning:

They’re just putting off the Entelomoth pursuit. I wonder why…

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