A meta changing buff to Crocos

I think the pinning moves should be removed completely from the game and replaced for a passive ability unique to crocodiles. This move would seal any escape from opponents when these dinos are on the deck:

*Purrusaurus Gen 1&2






The problem with the pinning moves are that they rely on a lot of commitment and these dinos arent really fast. The move is then too predictable by the enemy. It also takes a spot on your move deck when there are many better moves. The lovely Crocos aren’t overpowered in any way right now and even underpowered (pretty much all except gryposuchus and sarcorixis). Thoughts?


Agree they need something else. Pinning isn’t really THAT bad, even for the hit 'n swap because USUALLY they’re still faster and will get another hit in before they die. Maybe what you said or they could make pinning have a speed reducing component, much like SS does? So, not only are you unable to swap, but the croc gets the next hit as well. That or I always thought a passive “can’t bleed” property would be cool. Could still be distracted/stunned/etc. just not bled.

Problem with pinning is if you use this attack in actual battle, your creature will die. For example if a pinning creature like dioraja or grypolyth faces utarinex or green chicken, you cannot use your pinning moves because if you do not set up your shield, your dioraja or grypolyth will die, and even if you managed to pin it, the pin only lasts for 2 turns and many swap creatures have a stun move to stall you for a turn and it can still swap away from you. On the swap, usually the swapping dino will do more damage than you do to it, even if you are a tank.

Currently I use pinning if I already had performed my swap and my opponent has not swapped, plus I have two Oed my opponent, but this scenario is very rare.

It would be better if the enemy can’t switch if the croc is in the battlefield, preventing swap just by having them in the team of 4 would be a little too much I think :thinking:

I think that is what OP meant. When the crocodile enters the battlefield, it seals the escape behinds it. It would kinda make sense, cause a crocodilian usually have quite a powerful tailwhip along with the crushing jaws, so getting past one is pretty hard, to say the least.


See, now THIS is how to suggest a good, new Passive Ability. The other day someone suggested a second type of Immunity for Stun only.
This I could definitely get on board with :ok_hand:t2:


Pinning can be very useful if it’s triggered:

  • As a swap in ability (like swap in lockdown)
  • Through a counter attack effect (like pinning counter)

How do you deal with drac gen 2 after it just 1 shot your Indo raptor with sia dsr and is only able to be killed in 1 turn b4 it can run and then do it again without pinning strike?

Swapout swapin meta has reared into full gear this ed pinning strike finally has a solid use and if you look at all the crocs stats they wreck the most common pain of drac g2! sia rampaging over and over adds up real quick to bonkers damage output I had a battle where I finished three opponent Dino’s(4.5k worth of out of sequence damage) of higher lvl with the sneaky assassin

Yeah i agree about everything, pinning moves are completely pointless right now and should be removed and replaced with something else.
I have to say though that also some (if not All) counter attackers have that move, and It should be also removed from them.

A croc pinning passive would be game changing. Great idea! Pinning basic strikes on others are fine, but crocs need a fundamental change like this to fit their MO and find a place in the meta.