A Meta in Overdrive? A Look at the Top 100 Teams

Well, here we are again. We’ve had a couple of updates since my last review in March, so let’s have a fresh look at the creatures in the Top 100 teams! (caveat: 3 teams were not visible so teams 101-103 were included)

Ankylos Lux (96%) and Refrenantem (94%) build on their entries last time out and are now on virtually every team. Indotaurus (33%) is still clinging on to a top 10 spot but has fallen dramatically from 85% in March.

There are 4 new entries in the most common 10 since March. Albertocevia (82%), Imperatosuchus (71%), Giganyx (41%) and, as of 2 days ago, Diloracheirus (40%) have all entered the meta.

Consigned to the scrap heap in exchange are Monolorhino (0% !!), Mortem Rex (again) (7%), Skoona (23%) and Scorpios Rex G3 (13%):

Since January 2022, 8 of the most common 10 creatures in the Top 100 are new to the meta, compared to 5 across a similar period in 2021 (Jan to June), highlighting just how quickly the meta is changing.

However, if we use the Top 25 as an indicator of where the meta is going, given their ability to react most quickly to meta changes, we can see further changes compared to the rest of the Top 100.

Top 25 July 22

In the Top 25, Rexy and Tarbognathus are also new since March, meaning that at the very top, 6 of the most common 10 creatures have changed in 4 months and 9 out of 10 have changed since January. Only Parasauthops remains but that too is on its way out.

Other creatures being dropped by the Top 25 compared to the rest of the Top 100 include Arctovasilas, Indotaurus and Skoona - all of which have nearly disappeared. Then we have Hydra Boa…. That’s Hydra Boa - High Tyrant last patch - which is being dropped because it’s no longer strong enough!

In some ways, the meta is more diverse than before with a broader spread of creatures in the Top 100. However, this is likely being driven by the speed of meta change, making it hard for teams to keep up, as opposed to choice.

Of the most common 11 creatures used in the Top 25, only Diloracheirus and Tarbognathus have all their components available to hunt in the wild. The other 9 are either raids (or store-bought incubators) or require an exclusive component. I expect we’ll see Compsoraptor appear on this list soon too, probably in place of its parent, Tarbognathus, meaning yet another exclusive-component creature at the top.

What do you think about the way the meta is changing? Is a constantly evolving meta is a good thing to avoid stagnation? How do you think this list will change with the new creatures from 2.17?

My Opinion

When doing these reviews over the last couple of years, I’ve tried to remain neutral and present things objectively, however, I want to include some of my own thoughts this time.

When boost resets were a thing, looking at the meta fluctuations was fun as I always felt there was a way to get there myself (I hit seasonal top 200 once as F2P). However, with the very clear change of direction since the Jam City takeover, it’s become increasingly demoralising. Considering the pitiful Boost Token roll-out, it’s hard to get excited at seeing how much is required to compete without parting with $1000’s a month.

This might be the last look I take at the Top 100 as, for me, the game feels less fun with each update. The continued lack of access to boosts to change my team is getting boring, whilst fipping exclusives and running raids on autopilot to get the best creatures is just not engaging. We’ve not even touched on the tournament metas either - I’ve no idea how players can expect to compete in advantage weekends without spending big money.

So that might be it from me but we’ll see. Cheers for reading!


Thanks a lot for the effort you have put into this analysis. As usual, very interesting to read.

And I fully agree with your conclusion. The main reason for the meta to be more diverse is that even paying top players are struggling to keep up with the speed of changes combined with exclusive components and paywalls.

To me the end-game simply is not fun anymore. New creatures are so over the top that you simply are are forced to play them in order to stay competitive. And as this now happens on a monthly base, there is no way to keep up other than to spend thousands of dollars.

Personally I was in Shores for a long time and I never struggled to stay there. Even with a not fully meta team. But I pulled the cord months ago as the situation just got worse with each update.

For now I do enjoy to have teams of lower rarities in Library (everything but Uniques and Apexes). But let’s see for how long this will really entertain me…


I’m actually weary of Diloracheirus.
Old school players have them unboosted and benched at L30.
My alliance was talking how great it was.
I cant copy paste verbatim due to forum rules, but let me clean up my response a bit.

"Well yeah, but will it stay that way? or will we get a Ludia “After running analytics, we have decided Dilo is over performing and not making us any money because everyone has a L30 on the bench, so we have collectively decided to nerf the out of it after yall max boosted it.”

I mean they just gave peeps that paid for the grand pass 3 refund tokens.
What a better way to nullify it?
I’ma wait and see what happens.
I’m not overly worried about rank.
If I get curious I just look at my peers who are my equals on the leaderboard and say
“Yeah. I’d be about there.”
They’re pretty much doing the work for me.


Great article, thank you for your time and patience!

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Everything from the current meta is gonna get powercrept in 1-2 years. Ref will be useless, ParaT will be useless, all of the meta creatures will be useless. Why? Because as its seen looking at the old vs new top creatures, all of the old ones arent even there. Ludia keeps releasing extremely powerful creatures every update causing enormous powercreep. It wont stop until Ludia fixes the game.


This :point_up_2:

We don’t have choice. We play with our boosted creatures rather than the optimal creatures of each meta. Simply because both, ingredients and boosts, are only obtainable behind the pay wall.

It is sad that you’re likely quitting the game. But at the same time, we all are currently considering it, at this point. Jam wants to milk whales’ wallets. Whales may as well play all by theirselves :slight_smile:


Yes I agree, we normal casual players have no choice but to still use our previously boosted meta creatures since the last patch update. We have no choice. I still use, dio, tryko, draco…


The meta changes too fast with no flexibty. The speed isnt as much of an issue as there is almost no reliable way to change up your team without taking a monitary hit.

How are the big spenders handling it? Are they having a hard time keeping up as well? The only way this fast paced mess is gonna slow its roll is if even the top spenders start dropping off because they cant keep up either.


Yeah it feels like it’s a short term investment to me too. It’s a prime target to be nerfed or powercrept more quickly than newer creatures that have exclusive components. Ludia have shown how happy they are to change dinos with no warning, especially with the nonsense they pulled with giganyx.

I’d much prefer they had given the diloracheirus moveset/stats to a new unique with all-wild components to give us something to work towards and have confidence in a longer shelf-life.

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Yeah I’d love to hear from big spenders. Are they happy that their $1,000+ a month is buying them a clear advantage or are they fed up with having to spend that to keep up? I can see both sides.

Ultimately if all the mid-spenders and F2P leave, will that cause them to quit too?

Maybe some could have addiction problems as well. We see it in other industries, particularly gambling, where people can’t just walk away even if they are spending money they don’t really have.


Theres deffinitely gambling aspects with the incubators. They are basically loot boxes. In a lot of countries that stuff cannot be marketed towards kids. Thats why luida changed the rating on the game with the blood add. No longer marketed towards kids so the lootbox type aspect can stay.


Don’t get me wrong I actually like the concept of updating benched/easy to hunt dinos to be meta relevant. They still need to be boosted, but it eliminates exclusives being a bottleneck and brings back the hunt aspect. Ludia doesn’t communicate well and if they do indeed to keep Dilo as is I applaud it. Buuuut…
The critical thinking side is it doesn’t jive with the current business model.
“Newer, better, faster, stronger”
The one thing you can predict about Ludia and their meta is that it’s unpredictable.
I never saw a Dilo buff of this magnitude coming.
As for spending? I cut back a bit.
I’m a planner and would work for dinos long term.
Like Tryko for example.
I got a years worth out of that investment and think it was a good value to buy incs, boosts, and get it to team level.
I have Giga at L25 with the DNA, coins, and boosts to get it to 30…
But it may be trash next month or become ingredients for a surprise hybrid. LOL


Based on my experience, there’s more whales than ever in this game. Yes many are more than likely quitting, but there’s way more coming in every days… So I really think this game is over for FTP or low paying players. A year ago, it was relatively easy to reach the beach even for a FTP. Now, it’s getting harder to stay in the Spheres! It’s simply impossible to follow such fast moving meta unless you spend money. Yet the number of players who are managing to follow it seem to be growing fast! Money talk! The game will survive, but not for the casual players, FTP or low spending players.


Meta is changing too fast to catch up. So I deliberately chose to stay back. Not worth the effort. That doesn’t mean I don’t do anything, just something to make me not sink.


Personally I’ve always disregarded the meta… my alliance is pissed at me cause I’ve decided to max indominus rex gen2 and boost it (15 speed, 13 health, 2 attack). It’s being called a waste or unwise investment because it doesn’t match the current meta but I’m actually finding success and, most importantly, fun in using it. I think if people stopped worrying about getting the creatures that YouTubers and the higher spenders “dub” as the best, people would quickly realize that there is a whole variety of useful creatures out there worth investing in. Boost just help with personalizing your team; honesty if ludia brought back boost battles giving 50 instead of 25 I think that would fix a majority of the problems in that area of the game. All I’m trying to say is you’re right and so are the other responders— it’s pay to win, unbalanced, and unfun but if u can find the creatures that make you happy or to play just to play it really relieves a whole lot of the frustrations this game carries.


That could be players from shores being knocked down to gyro cause they can’t keep up in shores though which has a trickle down effect.

A much better indication of population is to look at your current spot on the leaderboard…

At one point some 3 years ago their were 50k players north of library… before I left like a year and a half there were 40k north of library. Right now there is 32k players north of 4800. That’s close to 1/4 of the “end game” player base either gone or no longer participating in pvp.

For those with the spare cash they can keep their team in the top 100.

JamCity make this easier and easier with exclusives and a store full of the said dna at a price.

But of course it’s not just the exclusive dna, it’s the boosts and the lack of opportunity to switch them without incurring the 50% loss. The generosity in rolling out the tokens has hardly been something to applaud has it?

So it becomes easier for those who spend to stay ahead and let’s be honest here. That’s how it should be isn’t it?


We are saying two different things. I’m saying that there’s more whales at the top than ever before (which is basically good for Ludia) You’re saying there’s less players overall (including at the top, but basically I’m saying they are now mostly whales, instead of having some FTP or very low paying players before). So basically both make a ton of sense. Number of players as you’re saying are going down and at the same time more and more players cannot follow the meta anymore. (In fact this also increase the dropper problem as well). Ludia/Jam is winning money wise even if the player base is going down, as there’s more whales and they are happy, For the rest of us, the game is still fun, as long as you don’t care about your position, since it’s impossible to follow the meta…

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The question here is how long will whales keep spending when there are less and less players to battle?


But so far sensor tower hasn’t really shown their to be a real increase in revenue… July numbers won’t show up their till mid august though. But Junes numbers didn’t really show a significant upkeep. Ludia ceo essentially confirmed sensor tower was accurate back in 2021 during an interview celebrating the game hitting the 100 million mark after 3 years (40 mil of that was from the games first 9 months)

This games been sitting at between 900k-1 mil in revenue on their since boosts 2.0… which didn’t even match boosts 1.0 peak of 2 mil.

June 2022 showed a revenue of 1 mil… which was up from the 900k in may… but it should have been a larger uptick from the new pass.

Seems like if there really are more whales they only seem to be generating enough revenue to make up for the middle of the road players. Those that aren’t free to play… but also don’t spend enough to be considered whales. That have either left the game or have decided to stop spending.

But I can’t imagine Jam city is to thrilled with this game not seeing a significant roi even with the accelerated development cycle.