A moment of silence for Stegodeus!

Finally im so sick of OP stegods!! And i have one, its just time for a well welcomed change.

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Was abt to lvl up mine to 25, but having second thoughts now with the upcoming patch, need to read up the release notes n see if it’s worth it.

Basically it’s Rampage is no longer armor piercing and Superiority Strike only cleanses attack reduction.

Yea come to think of it, think my ankylocodon stands a higher chance of surviving a Stegod encounter now!


Nothing is safe for a few weeks, there’s even a whole slew of Dino’s getting new shield breaking abilities and armor piercing coming too…

I stopped levelling my Stegodeus at level 24, ive got the DNA to probably get it to 28 truth be told but its a waste of coin now!

Plus ive been waiting for an excuse to remove it from my team for a while now. So when 1.5 launches its Goneeeee!

It was always strong, but mostly overleveled in stead of OP

And to think I only just unlocked my stegodeus and trago in this event lol

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im mean shes not a complete disgrace now she still has her place but shes not the “GOD” she once was for sure. you still need tanks but i think the meta is shifting to fast and chompy

im still planning on using mine. staying optimistic about her. rampage no delay should be fun.

I don’t know that the effect will be devastating by any means. There are so few dinos that have dot and a couple of which are usable? Armor piercing is also somewhat of a rare need based on the diversity of the encounters. Hps haven’t been modified nor has damage so… just my two cents :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just unlocked mine too!! :joy:

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I never created a Stegod. But I agree, I can’t stand those thugs. For a long time I used my trex just to crush them so I didn’t have to deal with them for the rest of the battle. I always waved buh bye to my phone when they fell over with gut wrenching groan.

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Stegodeus was never OP. Any dino, as long as the dino itself isn’t too bad, is going to be good if it is 5 levels higher than your opponent, but that’s reasonable, you really can’t blame losing to someone who has higher level dinos.