A more diverse meta?

For the longest time the meta has been pretty boring but I think these recent changes and new creatures have helped. To start things off is the obvious addition of ankylos lux and arctovasilas. These 2 creatures changed the meta and made room for counters like Albertospinos to shine, and with phorurex nerfed that leaves a spot on peoples teams for something new. That something new is probably going to be ref with the amazing buff that it got. As of right now testa has been slowly power crept with the addition of arctovasilas and ankylos lux however I think it could finally begin to see some more use as a ref counter. Some of the newly buffed apex creatures also help with a more diverse meta as well. The introduction of impertasuchus will also most likely be on top teams as well along with the new unique flock.

What do you guys think about this?


Personally I do not really think that the latest updates do help to increase the diversity in the meta. Ludia just makes sure to introduce new completely broken creatures once a while so players are forced to use them in order to stay somewhat competitive. Of course the aim is to sell coins, cash and boosts. The result will be a meta that is as limited as the old one but with new names.

Just look at things like Anky Lux or Imperatosuchus. Use them or stay behind. And once players stop to invest enough money into these creatures, they either will be nerfed or we will see new creatures that are even stronger.

If it really would be about balancing we would have seen way more (and different) buffs and nerfs. Or is there any good reason to nerf Phorurex (which clearly was deserved) but not Skoona or Anky Lux?

Actually the last release for me was the final straw. I do not want to face these new shiny OP monsters in the Shores anymore. I now will build a fun and super annoying team, drop some arenas and have fun :slight_smile:


This isn’t adding diversity, it’s just making a new top 10 that will be on all the teams in shores.


I’m all for it. I’ve always tried to include 1-2 oddball Dino’s in my teams. I think if Ludia can re-think this exploitative monthly power creep strategy and get to where there are 20-30 viable endgame Dino’s, there will be a much happier player base and more dynamic arenas.

I’d love to see Ludia rebalance some of the old uniques to make them more viable (Ardent, Gemini, Tryko, Diora, Tenrex, Magna, Erliko, etc.)


In no way the meta got more diverse with the last update. If things like IndoT and Skoona got removed from top teams only because they got powercrept by even more OP creatures. This does not say anything about the diversity but only about how ridiculous some of the newly buffed creatures are.

It will just take some time till people replace their old boring teams with the new monsters untill you will face the same creatures over and over again.


Agreed. Except my team, which is always made with leftovers because I can never catch up with new creatures.


The changes did indirectly cripple my team more than I originally thought. My turtle is my favorite to use but just got pushed down considerably that for now ill have to drop it and see if maybe a different boost setup might help it out. Another creature i like using, toven, will probably have to be dropped also. Unfortunately ludia’s current business model isn’t friendly to team experimentation, and i will struggle to rebuild a team that doesn’t get run over with the new meta.

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I actually think that these new changes did change it up, not every team is just a copy! Look through the top teams, there not all the same as per 2.14 and they are varied, with some old uniques coming back!!

I think diversity in this game is just getting worse. It won’t be long before every team looks the same - Ankylos Lux, Arctova, Skoona, Ref, Mortem, Imperato, Hydra, and one more of their choosing, probably Phorurex, Indotaurus or Albertos. I’d say Grypolyth stands a chance, but guess what happens when you give all the tanky dinos swap prevention resistance/immunity…?


Thing like stun resistance and swap prevention should be an all for nothing thing. Either your immune or your not immune and all resilient Tanky creatures should not have swap immunity. It just makes them harder to counter

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Who care about top-team?

People who can build new dinos 1 hour after update, spend 60.000 cash for 30 new boosts and level up new dinos for 1.5 million coins.

Those are 1 % of all players!

The rest (99%) struggle to keep motivation while we slowly see our hard effort becoming useless!

Game changes to fast and we can never rest!

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Totaly agree.

Developers are making a dangerous road :no_entry:

Making a more advanced game pushes the limits and people can’t keep up.

Meta = Paywall

Effort for hunting!? :no_entry:


If they don’t want any players left!

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Meta has indeed been shaken up.

Because of power creep.

Making old dinos useless.

I cannot disagree. :wink:
Ideally, in a truly diverse meta, there should not be any creatures in S tier(>80%).

GG buddy.
LOVE the team!!!
My last was Pterovexus :]