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A more efficient way of obtaining Apex DNA from Raids

Averagely Apex creatures are now going to take between 2 and a half months all the way up to 5 months to unlock. Not to mention getting a level 30 Apex would take between 8 months all the way up to 1 year and 4 months. For people looking to have a full DinoDex, this will never happen again considering the longest updates take about 2 and a half to 3 months, about the time you’d be quickest to unlock the apex.

Apex creatures are basically obsolete if you want to play with them on your team because it will take so long to get them to level 30. However I think this is a potential way to keep people playing each week and play even more then they used to. Instead of giving us 10 minion incubators we could receive 10 Apex incubators. To balance this we could nerf the 15 DNA down to 10 DNA. Considering each Mortem raid takes averagely 10 minutes it would take about 1 hour and 40 minutes. I know it’s a while, but you can still take a break every now and then and you’ll still have a decent amount of DNA. Considering Giga scents last for 3 hours, it really isn’t too much compared to it. It’s a great way for people who actually want to grind the game to grind it, instead of actually waiting ages to unlock it. Also if you get between 10 dna and 30 dna, you can get Mortem up to level 30 in about a month up to 2 and a half months and you still have to factor in coins, so if you’re ready to get it you will have it to 30, but if you are more lower level it will be harder to get it level 30. This gives plenty of time for us to play with it on our team and also time for an update to come out. Meaning the next update they could just add a new Apex boss and restart the process all over again. That way we are still playing the raids each week of each update and even playing them for longer.

These apex creatures are so cool, but it is so annoying that it takes averagely 2.5 all the way up to 5 months just to unlock them. With this idea, people who want to grind and actually play the game will not only unlock them, but get to play with them properly on their team.

I feel this is a great idea to keep everyone playing each update without getting bored of not having this creature to play with. I do understand not everyone is going to be 100% onboard with this idea, so please I want to also hear from you. I don’t care how it is implemented to get Apex DNA faster, I just want to play with these creatures. They are so awesome, but we have to wait 2.5-5 months just to unlock them. That can last up to almost half a year. I don’t want to be doing the same raid for half a year, so please share ideas so we can get something implemented into the game to unlock these creatures faster.


This would be an insane grind. We don’t have time to spend 2 hours grinding like this and who knows how many mistakes we will make. Possibly if it was spread out over the weekend but one day no way.

i just skimmed through the first paragraph and a half, and no. just no. an hour and 40 minutes for a 100% successful strat. more for mishaps. to get 100 Mortem dna.

I expect this leading to complaints. Not enough time for the majority of players to get together and raid for that long + extra for other groups, especially if the group consists of people across multiple time zones.


That’s why I asked for more ideas.

Most of the best players in the game grind this much just to be top arena, in fact this would probably take less time then that. Plus you still get the normal amount of DNA you would get for doing 1 raid. This is for people who actually have more time and want to do more than one raid. If DNA amount stayed at 15 it wouldn’t even affect the players who play 1 raid everyday.

I say increase the amount of dna you get. Make the minimum 25 and the maximum 50


sorry, i only had time to really skim through it before. But i do agree that we should be able to obtain these creatures quicker.

i suggested something similar to raid bosses in the past. More like world bosses. Each player could fight the boss no matter their level, creature lv or dino rarity. The goal would be to do as much damage as possible before you’re taken out. If the community as a whole can do X amount of damage to the boss, everyone gets a special reward. As well as individual rewards for completing specific objectives while fighting the boss. Kinda similar to how the world bosses are done in JWTG. Have these raid bosses rotate into World Bosses every now and again, and make the community reward for dealing enough damage be an Apex Inc for that boss. (dna varies based on individual player level) It could be a fun and engaging extra aspect to the Apex raid bosses where you get to test out your own team of 4 creatures and help everyone potentially get the best rewards.

For those that don’t know how the World Bosses in JWTG work: The boss starts out at lv 1. When you deplete its health to 0 it dies. Then it revives, getting stronger and at full health. You do it over and over again until your team is defeated. The damage you dealt gets added to the total community damage. The boss stays at the lv you last left it at for when you continue to challenge it.


I like the idea a lot, but Apex is kinda supposed to be the ultimate endgame, so having the ability to max it within a matter of months is somewhat self-defeating to the entire premise behind the new tier. Instead of having 10 Mortem incubators available per week, we could

  1. Have three Mortem incubators per week, seven minion incubators (max. 90 DNA per week)

  2. Re-implement RNG into the Mortem prizes and make the range 15-50 DNA

  3. Introduce a new game mode called Campaign Tour: players choose a team of 16 creatures to take into a series of 10 battles, each with increasing difficulty; once a dinosaur is knocked out, it cannot be selected for the remainder of the tour; after completing each stage in the tour, a reward can be claimed, ranging from a basic incubator (Level 1) to an Apex boss incubator (Level 10); to win, the player must defeat Level 10 with at least one creature remaining; the tour resets once a week

Keep in mind that these are mutually exclusive options, it would be a disaster to implement option 1, 2, and 3 all at once :laughing:


i love option 3.


Ah, just like JWTG, I like it

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The more ideas the better and option 3 sounds really awesome. If we give more ideas to implement, it gives more to work with, in fact Ludia could probably even do a poll for something like this, to see what the community wants most.


I like this idea. Maybe a less extreme version would be to replace every 5th and 10th minion incubator with an Apex incubator. That would reward people who grind or carry others through.


I don’t know if Ludia would want to encourage that lol. The secondary rewards definitely ought to be better though.

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I rather the number of incs issued be increased to 16 and as @Par said every 5 incs after the first ince gets you an Apex inc. Also all incs need to be better so as to make alliances wanna do multiple raids.

Apex raids need to reward carriers and hard workers since they create enthusiasm in game. Positive energy beats all the negative play coming from PvP.

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How about:
For the 10 minions incubators, you also earn apex dna but lesser than in the regular main apex incubator. maybe like 5 (minimum)-10 (maximum) apex dna on these raids.
Also please give coins in raid incubators and increase the amount of other creature dna you win. maybe for epic raids we could win minor epic incubators (for the first batlle), for legendary you could win the a completely blue incubator, for unique raids you could win gold incubators, and for apex raids you win premium incubators. these incubators will also contain the boss’s dna.

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All apex are design to be really hard to obtain and really hard to get.
Actually it fullfil his fonction and i really hope ludia will never do a “Free” apex dart week end.

But i think 3 things should be done:

1-Create a chat in loggin and during boss battle to discuss with everyone about strategy

Common sens,but yeah,without it,even this 4th player taking paramoloch instead of ardontosaurus in the pyrritator boss which got kicked know what i mean.

2-Getting the possibility to ask a random player to fullfil on role:

And this will be by setting for example "our team need a lvl 28+ tuoramoloch,and so all players which fullfill this fonction will be able to join a random raid.A new channel will exist where you can join a loggin battle boss where you already have the current components required by the team leader.
(I think maybe it will be too easy to accomplish boss raid then but)

3-Boss raids should not getting more than 3 rounds

What is time consuming?
-Finding the boss sometimes (I don’t want to make it easier to find,it is an exploration game)
-Getting all your teamembers ready (It is really long and annoying + the fact we have to get discords ready and to switch between game and discord all the time)
-The battle itself

And when the battle have 4 rounds like hadros (which is not especially harder than mortem),one mistake and you can waste a free 20 minutes.
In the case of hadros,everytime the boss just change only one ability which don’t change things much.
So instead of making it harder,it just make it annoying to do.
3 rounds like grypo is already long enough.

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Number 3 is like the Jurassic World The Game Gyrosphere Tour right?