A more Elaborate look at the Duty Changes

Lets take a closer look at the changes and what their consequences are exactly:

Level up and Hatch 15 dragons: These are the 2 duties that are ridiculously hard to complete and i haven’t gotten any other duties from Fishlegs, hence the chance to get them is really high or i’m just extremely unlucky at the moment. Anyway, completing these tasks requires a lot of resources. Lets make a few simple calculations, based on my own progress in the game:

So I’m currently in badlands, hence i get on average 12 eggs, 2350 coins and 4500 from the repeatable quest. Now, there are, in my opinion, 2 ways to complete the lvl up 15 task.

  • Lvl up your main dragons
  • Lvl up a 2* dragon you just got from a draft

1st way: Level up my main dragons. Now to do this i need in total somewhere inbetween 30 and 60 dragons 1*/2* dragons and i’d spend on average 4k fish per dragon that i feed. So looking at the lower limit, namely 30 dragons, one would need about 120k fish. To gather this amount i’d need to do about 27 repeatable quests, which lets be honest is a lot. This would translate in having to spend 135 energy. Sure, when doing so one can still complete Astrid and Hiccups duties, but this shows that one would only be able to do this task once a day at the moment. (1 of the reasons is because one can only get 200 or less energy each day, but more about that later on)

2nd way: The second way to complete this tasks is by using a 2* or 3* dragon you just received from the daily draft. This way you’d have to spend less resources on completing the task, but at the significant cost of being unable to advance your main dragons. Now, when once completes it this way one would need about 20 to 25 dragons and about 2k fish per dragon used, hence 40 to 50k fish. It would thus take 21 battles to gather the egg resources (or 9 for the fish), hence depending on how well you are doing with your egg resources you could do this task 5 times, but after a while probably only twice a day.

Energy: Lets go back to the state of the game 2 patches ago. At that time the only energy you got was the amount that naturally regenerated (1 for every 10 minutes), which is a total of 144 each day. the amount we got from the chest (15 energy per chest) and if you got lucky energy from duties.

144 + 15 x (Amount of chests opened) + 5 x (lucky duty energy) = Total energy

Some of my clanmates and myself at that time were able to open between 2 and 3 chests each day, thus for me this meant:

144 + 15 x 2.5 + 5 x 3 (random guess, 10%) = 196.5 energy per day

Now the patch after that changed duties quite significantly. From that point on it only gave us energy as a reward. Due to the time limit I was able to open between 2 and 3 each day

2 per day: 144 + 15x2 + 30x5 = 324 energy
3 per day: 144 + 15x3 + 45x5 = 414 energy

So the energy we got each day was doubled (or increased by 50% for those that only opened 2 per day). In my personal opinion this increase in amount o energy may have been a tad too much and i would have expected them to lower it a bit in this patch, but i didn’t expect what thursdays patch would actually do.

a few things to note:

  1. Certain Astrid duties are bugged
  2. Removal (or well extreme chance reduction) for petting, training and color specific hatch duties from fishlegs
  3. New duty Character Snotlout
  4. Duties becoming harder (much harder)

With these notes i’ll estimate the amount of duties people would be able to complete at the moment.

  1. Astrid duties: This depends on how lucky you are and how fast you get a bugged duty again. I think its quite likely that people would only be able to complete maybe 2 or 3 of her duties each day?
  2. Snotlout: Only 1 you can do a day
  3. Fishlegs: I keep getting hatch 15 followed by lvl 15 (i haven’t even come across petting or training since the update), Hence i think its only possible to do 2 or 3 duties of his each day.
  4. Hiccup: Same situation as Astrid duties, you need to be lucky not to get the do 3 duties duty at the moment so i guess one can complete 2 or 3 of his as well?
  5. Valka: Currently people need to breed for the Bonestormers to be able to do their quest, also people further into exploration are likely breeding for 5* dragons so they would only be able to do 1/3 or 2/3 of her duties

So in total i’d say being able to complete 10 duties a day is going to be quite an achievement in itself. So what does this mean for energy?

144 + 9x(2/3) + 10*5 = 200 energy

So as you can see we are back at the point where we were 2 patches ago in terms of energy (and that is only after I took into consideration their “re-balancing”). And that is only energy-wise, resource-wise we are in a much worse shape (60 eggs, 15k coins, 15k fish, 2 normal drafts, 10 1* scales and 4 2* scales and 150 runes each day)


I just remembered that i didn’t take into account some things when saying “And that is only energy-wise, resource-wise we are in a much worse shape (60 eggs, 15k coins, 15k fish, 2 normal drafts, 10 1* scales and 4 2* scales and 150 runes each day)”, namely the fact that duties also gave resources.

Hence the actual numbers are going to be more like

170 eggs, 32.6k coins, 32.6k fish 10 1* scales, 4 2* scales, 150 runes and 2 normal drafts each day.

Anyway, the conclusion of this post is that we are now gaining a lot less resources than we used to 2 patches ago, while gaining the same amount of energy we did at that time.