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A move to counter Swap In Shattering Rampage


We all know the problem, so I will keep this short and sweet. Give the following move to some dinosaurs, including some meta revelent dinosaurs. People always go on about pinning strike being a counter to dracoceratops, but all of the pinning strike dinosaurs just feel weak to everything else (people usually have hard hitting raptors or tank killers). The move:

[Generic name]
Super priority move (this acts before any swap outs of dinosaurs)
Deal 0.5x Damage, be immune to swap in moves this turn. (except for swap in nullification)

The super priority makes it a premptive counter, that if you use it wrongly will backfire as the 0.5x damage for your move is a hefty cost.


Spinotasuchus also has a 60% chance to one shot it if dracocera is 1 level lower


Not the best counter but pretty good.


I have no issues with the creature, it’s usually a wasted space and a sacrifice unless used properly.
I’ve only seen a few use it properly.
It’s easy to kill.

The only problem is people get sad or mad and cry.


Anticipation, if your opponet have the useless dracocera, put a injure dino, after that kill that *****, before that insect use the regeneration


Lol,you guys says:
“Useless dracocera”
So,even professional guys working on metahub site which clearly said dracoceratops “define the meta”
Put in oblivion more than half of the creatures of the game
Number one or 2 of the best creature of the game,putted in “tyrant tier” list
You say useless?
You pretend that thing can be prevent?
Seriously,open the app and play at least one game before talking,you attitude is laughtable


I didn’t say useless, but there are things that counter him. It mostly involves luck, but this game is 90% luck, 10% skill anyway.

He can be nullified on the swap in, if you swap in the correct creature at the same time. He’ll do no damage on swap in, he gets stunned.


Or we could just start using swap in stun or distraction. Look what happened the last time they created a new move for a dino. Dracoceratops happened.


Swap in stun and distraction to stronger creatures would be a simple solution indeed… Or even a swap in Evasive Stance could be added, even though I’m totally against this stupid move…


The problem I see here is that it’s unpredictable. You don’t know if they have a dracorat or if they are even going to use it. So you waste you super priority move then they pick their next dino and swap in dracorat for the kill. I usually save my dracorat for the final blow or if I know I’m gonna loose I just swap him in for fun. I took it off my team for now to try out some other dinos but use it for strike events as a form of insurance.


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You didn’t say it but there is facts you can’t ignore
Luck is 200% part of the game,since you have start playing the game,you have always meet luck (Fusion,crit,finding your chest,meeting epic dino ect)
So,of course,i wont debate,ITS NOT A SKILL GAME!
But there is not enought creature pool which can Nullify is obliteration,There is only 2 kind of counter
-Swap in distraction:diplocaulus,diplocaulus gen2,monlophosaurus gen2,dilophosaurus gen2 (all of them exept diplocaulus gen2) are almost USELESS,maybe they are faster but even if they reduce the damage taken,they get -200HP,which are enormous because half of them just don’t have enough HP
(ex:monolophosaurus gen2:2400HP on lvl 26)

-Sawp in stun:The best choice to encounter completly the SISDR,but dracocera havea speed of 109?Which mean if your creature is slower ,it wont prevent the SISDR!
So,in creatures with this ability,there is :edmontosaurus (107 speed),edmontoguanodon (107),tenontosaurus(109 speed but because its rare,its slower than a legendary),iguanodon (112),miragaia (117),pachycephalosaurus (121)
So the ones which can prevent it are iguanodon (which you just won’t use it since it can’t do nothing else),and miragaia and pachy can’t be find in the wild

-Other SISDR,swap in damage move which are faster:
The pool is very limited on this one:irritator gen2(speed 122),dracorex(speed 124),kaprosuchus (speed 123),dracorex gen2(speed 108)
so dracorex gen 2 is slower
and the 3 others won’t deal enought damage to get him out maybe if he is hurt enough!
(Would be funny to create a lvl 30 irritator,relying on his crit chance,just to take the fun out of a dracocera though)

So,yeah i am pretty aware about what can be used against SISDR and there is not really a lot of things
This is clearly why it is in TYRANT tier,because damage don’t rely on luck
and again,you should have atleast ONE option to know if your opponent have dracocera and stop fear when you are on 2-2 with your opponent


I was thinking maybe a passive that prevents the user from being affected by swap in moves.

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Alanqua’s Long Invincibility works wonders on pesky Dracorex Gen 2 and Dracoceratops


Uhmmm no ? Since both draco g2 and dracocera break shield

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^In a world of passives consisting of just Counters, Swap-Ins and Immunity, I like this new idea very much! Now to add those Spikes…


Swap in Shattering Rampage just needs to be removed. It is just not a good mechanic in the game.

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Are your dinosaurs 25+? If so then i would see why you wouldn’t have have trouble. How is it enjoyable to get hit once by a raptor or something then killed by this swap in rampage. Then when you try to kill it it heals and leaves to repeat the process. It has too much utility for the player not really doing anything.

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