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A need a advice for my team

Hiho all.

Atm, i’m using a lvl 28 monomimus with 143 speed, no boost in health and damages. Even if I love him, he is a bit bad in this meta. I know DoT is really nice now against maxima, dio or tryko, so I was wondering of using stygidarix. I have in at 21 in my collection, but I have like 1050 DNA created yet, can get more because I have 2500 darwin collected. Also, got coins to lvl up.

He is good now? That worth using my gold and him instead of monomimus? If yes, did I should apply on him the speed boost used on the red chicken?


if you want a bleeder i recommend Thylacotator. Its an amazing creature that has its place here

Yes, it’s like suchotator but I don’t want to use an epic or a rare in my level.

The top player in arena uses Thyla as do a few others in the top 10 use it. If you want a bleeder, it’s Probably the best in the current meta.

Other than that, Spinonyx is surprisingly viable and Pterovexus can be pretty good. I’d be hesitant on Stygidaryx because it can be slowed and the 2 dinos you’d want to bleed the most (tryko and Max) can potentially shatter it’s swap invincibility or slow it, leaving it open to taking a big hit afterward.


Thylacotator is one of the best creatures in the game right now & it kills max dio & tryko. I use stygidaryx and he’s just not as good as thylacotator.