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A neglected point regarding a boost reset/shuffle

I realize that there are numerous threads regarding this issue, but from what I saw there was a point I want to mention that nobody else has as of yet; and that’s the logic on boost events. What I mean by that is that upon update 2.7 there was a boost shuffle. This is due to the fact that two highly used creatures were nerfed and two underpowered creatures were buffed. This change affected some, sure, but not everyone had some enormously boosted monolometrodon or sarcorixis. Some did, but many did not. They made two creatures more viable, but these 4 changes did not massively overhaul the arena like 2.9 does. 2.9 takes some nasty 1v1 creatures like tenrex and drills them into the ground so that they lose much of their utility, while propping up some creatures with much needed buffs. That’s fine and all, but Ludia, you’re overhauling what was the most highly utilized and strongest class in the game and refuse to give a shuffle? This changes the entire state of the arena, which creatures are good, which are bad and some skyrocket while others plummet with this change. I just don’t understand how you can give out a shuffle for a measly 4 creature changes and NOT do so for an ENTIRE class change that flips the arena upside down. You have to reconsider this Ludia, it’s absolute insanity to not give us dedicated players a shuffle or at least a reset. Please reconsider


I won’t argue the need for a shuffle. It’s definitely needed. However the comparison to the Mono/Rixis changes are being done everywhere. It isn’t a hot take.

I’m not saying it’s a hot take, but i genuinely haven’t seen the comparisons in any threads. Maybe it’s just me being blind lol