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A network error while opening profiles

I wanna unmatched with Liam and I can’t open his profile in ANY way.
Plus, I can’t open ANYONE’S profile. I just wanna see the pics… :confused:
It just says network error occurred. Otherwise the app works great but when I open profiles a network error ‘Occurs’. Can you help me? :smile:

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Hello Kittycorn_Me. I’m sorry for the trouble. Can you please message our team directly at They’ll do their best to see what can be done.

Hi any chance you can fix glitch on picture it shuts off game and I haven’t got the upgrade since yesterday most have but most are wate for the upgrade still thank you please fix this asap

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Hey there, Christie_Legresley. Could you email our support team at with your support key so our team can take a closer look at this for you?

Thank you!

When I hit on pictures in game it turns off and says network era Screenshot_20210305_160717_com.ludia.lovelink please fix I’m also having trouble with my email to send in sophert how do I fix it it never happened before do I have to do perment unstall game and start fresh

Hi! Actually, my problem got solved, thank you! Maybe I just had to check the game another day! :blush::blush:

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