A Network Error

I’m getting same message over and over again.
Can anyone help me with this please I want to get back at my chats?


Hi I have the same thing like right now I don’t know why….


I’m getting the same error too. On both of my devices.

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I’m getting This error too!!

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Hi i just get this error now. Please can someone help me with it?

Having the same issue today , worked fine this morning but now got the error L9-1when i try to log in


Same here restarted my phone turned on and off wifi and uninstalled and reinstalled app still nothing really freaking out here they told me “Go on app and request help” well how am I supposed to do that when I can’t open it?


Maybe we just need to wait like tomorrow maybe the error will be gone ? If everyone have the same problem it’s because the problem it’s not us like wifi and phone… I think , does anyone have this error before ?


From what I can see, it’s not just Lovelink. People playing other Ludia games are having issues also.


I had to uninstall and reinstall didn’t realize I had only been signed in as guest so I lost everything I tried to contact them but they haven’t replied what’s the use of a system to report a problem when no one answers so upset right now

I’m sorry to hear that you have lost the progress to your game, Emily_Mcfarland. I believe the game ran into an issue overnight, but the issue was quickly resolved by our team.

If you’re having issues reaching out to our support team through the in-game support, our team can also be reached through email at support+lovelink@ludia.com. Once our team gets the chance to review your message, they’ll do their best to assist you.

I contacted them they have not responded back again they replied once just saying give them the support key well when I messaged them again I got a message saying “Open conversation limit has been reached” what do I do I’m really stressed

Hey there, Emily_Mcfarland. Please rest assured that our team will try and get back to you as soon as they get a chance to review your ticket/message.

However, depending on our team’s current ticket volume, it could take a few business days for our team to reach your ticket.

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your message until our team responds. It could reset your position in our team’s ticket queue.

Okay I’ll wait

Hi I’m missing all of my characters from Lovelink

I was contacted by them and they told me not to reinstall it but I had it reinstalled before they contacted me so do I need to uninstall it until they tell me the transfer is ready?

I don’t believe there’s any need to uninstall the game in the meantime, Emily_Mcfarland. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible!