A New Apex Feature Idea

Adding some Apexes that can be unlocked by completing monthly special missions…
but there should be some conditions to unlock these missions-

  1. Players level must be minimum 16 levels
  2. Players must own atleast 3 unique creatures
    The apex creatures that can be unlocked by completing these special missions are the bosses of jw the game…

    These special missions are HARDER compared to daily missions
    Collect Daily missions rewards (10 times)
    Collect Weekly missions rewards (3 times)
    Open daily battle incubators(10 times)
    Fire required amount of darts (200 times)
    Collect required amount of dna (10000)
    Collect required common Dna (8000)
    And so on… There should be at least 20 missions each month

Each missions awards 15-40 Apex DNA based on the difficulty of the missions.
Each month these Missions will reward different Apex DNA
NOTE- Above creatures can only be collected by completing these missions only, these are not Raid based creatures
These missions don’t award raid based Apex dinos

THIS IDEA WAS INSPIRED BY JW : TG’s Latest Playable bosses feature