A new ban wave is happening


That weird no.1 is gone.
My rank moved up by 10. (It usually keeps falling when I’m not playing)


it’s actually happening


LegitAF seems to of gone. Maybe he was asked to change his name. :face_with_monocle:


The ban hammer has swung.


We shall see. Hopefully they swung the hammer with all force this time.


Yup, permanent bans were reported.


Where’d you get the info? Metahub?


Yeah. I am also interested in confirming if perma bans are taking place :slight_smile:

Didn’t see my rank changing much@260


metahub discord channel


Permabans are happening. I was a spoofer. Many in the spoofer groups are saying the same.


If it was discord related, then I imagine every cheater and spoofer in that channel are crying their eyes out - or plotting revenge… probably a little bit of both.


Could someone please share picture of the screen where it says they were perma banned? I just wanna see it to make sure. Im tirrd of cheaters in the arena.


Cite source please. So I can confirm it myself



Metahub discord channel.


Was that update so they had the permanent ban graphic?


Yup. Checked the Facbook JWA group. People there too have reported getting banned. One of the poster said her account was banned and showed same screenshot.

Looks like they are allowed to create a fresh account (but might not be getting the reset gifts).


Forgot to ask one important question.:
Can anyone confirm the temporary ban (24hr) group have also been permanently banned? Am hoping we don’t keep facing them in battles even though they are not on leaderboard.


I wouldn’t even allow them to come back, even with a new account. The reset gift? Why would Ludia give them something for nothing?

Permanent means just that. Permanent.


Thanks. Finally ludia did something about hackers. Let see how the arena will look.