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A new, but very active and motivated Allianc

3 overtop motivated Players decided to create an own alliance. We didn’t want to do the whole work and other gamers in our last alliance took also the goodies, but without helping anyway. So we opened our own alliance and now we are searching for other active and motivated friends! You can look at my team - this I created in only 1 1/2 months :slight_smile:
So… if you also want to get forward help eatch other and become strong dinos: please come into our alliance!
My name: Gerdschi #5511
Alliance: Fabosaurus

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Hi! I’m not looking to join an alliance but we have also just started a new alliance for same reason. We are up to 10 members now if you would like to join us! TerrorLizards is our alliance name - check us out!

Hi, we are a super active and motivated 5/4 alliance and you guys sound like a fit for us. Join us at JWA Fever if you can.

Hallo! Here a little update for players who are looking for a new and very active alliance: for now, we are still 25 members in our alliance. Our members are from level 3 up to level 20. You see, your level isn’t important for us! For us it’s only important, that you are an active gamer and you’re helping us, to get bigger, stronger and so reaching the weekly-goals!
So, if you’re interessted you’re really welcome: Fabosaurus