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A New Carnivore Legendary SuperHybrid

A New Legendary Carnivore SuperHybrid Armormata Level 40 + Indoraptor Sdna 4000 To Creates Indomata It’s IndoRaptor Animation And Cost: 2000

Level 10 Health: 7566 Attack: 4256

Level 20 Health: 13788 Attack: 5988

Level 30 Health: 17267 Attack: 7245

Level 40 Health: 22456 Attack: 9101

Level 40 Coins: 1756880

Indoraptor And Indoraptor Gen2 Defeat By 2 Attack Points ,Yudon,Cerazinosaurus,Pachygalosaurus,Gorgosuchus,Erliphosaurus,Pteraquetzal,Armormata Is Defeat By One Attack Points Because Carnivore Attack Strength Increase in Near Herbivore And Other Creatures Defeat By One Attack

Don’t take this the wrong way, but no thank you.
Why: another legendary carnivore that further unbalanced the game.
has 8,000 + more hp and 4,000 + more attack than the next best creature.
It’s as accessible as an indoraptor, which it is miles better than.
Ideas are a good thing and keep having them and I’m so sorry if I come off as hostile I don’t mean that
it’s just that I feel personally that is creature would be much too strong.


Thank You So Much

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