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A New Carnivore SuperHybrid Plan

A New Carnivore Ultimasaurus SuperHybrid. Allonogmius Lvl 40 + Sinoceratops S Dna 4000 = Allosinosaurus I ts a Ultimasaurus Already Pachygalosaurus Still in Game But it’s Hybrid And Allosinosaurus it’s a SuperHybrid.Its Mean Horned Head Lizard.

Level 10: Health: 4366 Attack: 1357

Level 20: Health: 7965 Attack: 3089

Level 30: Health: 12145 Attack: 5987

Level 40: Health: 16789 Attack: 8754

Max LVL Coins: 986432

Ferocity: Allosinosaurus First Place And Indoraptor Gen 2 Is a Second Place And Indoraptor Third Place.

And Bananogmius Spines Are Allosinosaurus Spinal Cord.

no with allonogmius i want him for alloraptor:D


It’s My Opinion

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IMO I don’t think ANOTHER OP carni should be added. Anyways it is too OP


It’s more ferocious than Indoraptor gen2!

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I dont want a carni in jwtg, all new creatures should be herbivores, pterasaurs, amphibians, maybe an aquatic or cenozoic


Jwa is already a hybrid paradise, don’t drag
this unique game towards jwa.


Allosinosaurus means “Different Chinese Lizard”.

Too late.

Thus I’d rather Ludia focus on adding hybrids/superhybrids of classes we don’t have and balance the game out.

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too strong, maybe make utahsinraptor, a hybrid of utahraptor g2 and sinoceratops, and allosaurus g2 and triceratops gen 2 make allosinosaurus

No triceratops Gen 2 hybrid is dracoceratops

We need a whole lot more hybrids and superhybrids imo, I mean that is one of the main areas of development and potential for the game… certainly not bosses.

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