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A new concept of S-dna in JWA beyond Lv 30 or special Dinos


When I saw this week uniques event, I reminded the concept of s-dna in another Ludia’s game (Jurrasic world the game).
In addition, as we all know well, top players have max. Dinos in their teams. So, no need to spend any money.

Further to this, the current max level is 30 (not like 40 in another game).

Therefore, Ludia may want to encourage for them to spend money. They may want to introduce it in the game.

After every one has at least one unique, Ludia may introduce S-dna.
This will be a special DNA to level up beyond 30 or some new exclusive dinos.
We will get the S-dnas by special incubators or events.

For this, we need to spend money further and hard battles.

I believe Ludia will introduce it and just remains when!!!

As any of my dinos is not max. I don’t want it but…


interesting concept :slight_smile: but don’t give them ideas how to take more money from us :sweat_smile:


Probably, they are already considering it … I don’t want it…



Please no… I want to max the current dinos first and not have a goal I can achieve like in 2023.


Me too. I also don’t want to introduce it into the game!!!

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The thing wit s-dna in jwtg, is its for the super hybrids like monostego indo etc. We already have those. And with uniques being the highest rarity there is, what would they possibly use the s-dna for

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Idk ur idea seems probably the most logical. But wouldn’t be well implemented in this game


Yes, in this game, no need for indor or monoste. Beyond 30, Ludia may introduce it. For example, with s- or u-dna 100, we can get Lv 31. For Lv 32, we need 150…

If this new S-dna is extremely hard to get, we should only spend money…

Btw, it is not a suggestion!!! Just, I am worrying about it because Ludia can do it whatever, whichever, whenever…