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A new creature idea for the 2.8

I forget this creature in fierce creatures ideas, the Neovenator:
His rarity is epic,he has 4500 points of live, 1500 points of attack and a huge speed of 129 (I choose this speed because the Neovenator is faster than Baryonyx and Bary has 126 of speed) his moves are Group Definitive Strike,Fierce Impact and Fierce Rampage.
His resistances are 50% to rend and 100% to Swamp Prevention,Dot,Speed Decrease and Vulnerable.

2.8 probably contains creatures from the next season of jurassic world camp cretaceous

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why 2.8? :thinking:

I think 2.7 has been data mined already and we know what’s coming.

Because Gamepress has a list of creatures of 2.7.