A new creature idea

What do you think?


It’s ok, but some resistance need to be removed. Speed decrease, stun, and crit reduction can go. Also maybe 132 speed, as that is the max based speed, and precise pounce to Revenge Pounce. We already have Smilodon for precision, this can go for more brute force.

I feel like a faster frailer smilodon fits it

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This is just a better smilodon. For it to be frailer, it would need 2700 maximum base health. So by going with a more brute force, you still can have it faster, but just lower the damage to 1250 then

I was about to say it would be irrelevant there but with sidestep,a better normal hit and better resistances it would still be solid, sure a resilient would eat it for dinner but that’s fine

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we already have "smilo"s in rare and epic
but not in common
its like having 2 common sloths but no rares or epics
so the thing is, its basically just a smilo rework

Giant Cheetah would be great, I’m still holding out hope for the Dire Wolf and Short Faced Bear.

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