A new discovery!


First time to see it. Great speed and attack at lv 6.


I’ve yet to spot one of these.


I just spotted one yesterday for the first time, and I’m only a hair away from unlocking it!


I have found like 3 but no gallys (guessing thats iut too)



I like both of these. Ornithominus found in a park and street miles away today. Galliminus 24h incubator.


Saw one today in the wild for the first time, but by the time I got out to the spot the Ornithomimus was gone.

I did fight one earlier this week in the Arena… it dodged 2 of my attacks, it really cheesed me off, more satisfaction killing that thing than killing a raptor… lol.


Yeah i have seen zero gallys anywhere on columbus or surrounding areas driving around. Guess its just not apart of my locale for now