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A new era of JWA is upon us?

A new era of JWA is upon us, either ludia goes out of their way to fix things and compensate handsomely for their recent mishaps Or they do some shoddy maintenance and expect people to to forget this disaster called 1.7 slowly (I personally believe latter is what Ludia will end up doing).

Either way it will be end of an era and a dawn of a new one.


We are on the apocalyptic hera right now ludia needs to remove all boosts or we all will leave JWA

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They won’t remove boosts they are going change them that’s all

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Woah, who said we’re all leaving? I’m staying.


The stat boost meteor is coming… Everyone TAKE COVER!!!

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Ludia will try to fix the boosts. They want to get back to selling them.

I think the players who want to leave. Have good reason. I just don’t see it changing the way they want.

My take: They’ll continually state they are working on it.

The reality: They are just buying time by using delay tactics. New suckers are born every minute. They don’t care if we all leave, new players will take those spots!
The worse they make this game, the more money they make.


I’m taking fiddle lessons. If this is the end then I’m gonna stay in the band on deck.

Or… I will fiddle on the roof top while to park burns.

Cuz win lose or draw … No matter what it’s a game that I play while I have free time. If it’s gone I will just go back to head phones and a book.

The Amazed Era-
The time we all started playing.

The Incredible to-good-to-be-true Era-
Up until 1.6

The deteriorating Era-
Started in 1.6

The destructive Era-
1.7 to the present.