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A New Game for 2019


Please Ludia make a new game for 2019. Make it a Harry Potter game including the quizzes which sorts your Hogwarts house,Patronus,Wand and all that because we don’t have a good mobile Harry Potter game yet. So if you guys can make it that will be really appreciating of guys please make one. Plus if you guys can make duels available it will be the best Harry Potter game ever. Kind regards


Are you looking for the Harry Potter game to play? Well, I also like to play video games, but I always used to play the simulation video game like Jurassic Park Builder on the phone or FIFA 18 on PC. Which platform do you use to play your game? I always used to buy my games from the Press-Start as they offer best discount on the gaming products. If you are console gamer then you can go for the The Price is Right: Decades. I think you like playing this game if looking for the change. Playing game for me is like keeping yourself active in the day to day life.


You reminded me of the old Harry Potter games, I spent a tremendous amount of time in them, I so enjoyed exploring the Hogwarts, looking for it secretes. BTW the 3rd part was the best!