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A New Gen 2 Creature

It’s really bothering on how you split your reply into 3 replies.
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To be honest I still don’t see the need for gen2. Why would it be so bad to have multiple hybrids with the same dinosaur? With gen2’s you need a new paddock which takes up more space, and already there is not enough space for them all.

I also still don’t see why new dinos can’t just be added for new hybrids; why do we need multiple hybrids with the same dino?

I guess what I struggle to see is how a gen2 adds any more value than adding a new dino.


2015 got over
2016 got over
2017 got over
2018 got over
2019 got over

2020-Brachiosaurus was added.

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Ludia be like
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I expect it has to do with the internal coding in the game (database links and that kind of thing). It could create problems to use the same creature for more than one hybrid.

But yes, they could certainly add new ones instead. Here it’s simply a cost savings element I expect, for a game that likely doesn’t bring in the kind of money it did before.

Be glad we get anything new I guess.


I almost spilt my Water

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I disagree. Velociraptor gen 3 doesn’t interest me nearly as much as a Compy.

This tells me you probably haven’t played much JWTG. You don’t even play against real people. How is star boost going to make us want to buy it? Make it look golden?


Believe me, in JWA , boosts are breaking the game beyond all things.

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I agree. Unlocking a creature and thinking it already existed one day is exciting … as opposed to totally broken and poorly made creatures like many Hybrids.

Because the I-Rex and the Indoraptor are hybrids.

In order to get them (the Indo), you need lots of hybrids to support your team.

To do well in Dominator, you need hybrids. (Yes, tournament dinos will work, but that is a very long road due to long hatch times to get them to L30 or L40 to be helpful in Dom.)

It is the way the game is designed and a mark of achievement.

Are they real dinos? Nope.

But this is a game.


very poorly stated

It’s a game based/inspired by fictional movies.

The hybrids give depth to the game that would be hard to achieve otherwise.


We’re getting deep into the fanboy woods here today boys. I like it

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@Whyludiawhy it’s not just you, I also highly value actual dinosaurs over hybrids (probably gonna make an exception for Yudon, Indominuses and Indoraptors). Kind of like Lowery in JW, really.

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