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A new Gen 2

Another carnivore, that is what I am desperately waiting for.:tired_face:

Well, that’s a shame. Not sure I understand the point of the Gen 2’s anyways… but adding more carnivores to an extremely carnivore heavy game doesn’t make sense at all. Guess I’ll have to collect it just to have one… and then likely not use it…

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Maybe we are wrong. It could be a very strange kind of amphibian. :crazy_face:


@Tommi stated: “Maybe we are wrong. It could be a very strange kind of amphibian.”

I dunno… Bipedal… Upper torso clearly an Indominus Rex Gen 2.

You could be right but I just don’t know of many amphibians that walk around on two legs. Perhaps it is amphibian hybrid that is supposed to walk on four legs but is rearing up a bit in that picture.

Another option is that there’s some kind of pterosaur in there, but I dunno… I hope it’s anything but another super powerful carnivore but it sure looks like a carnivore to me— albeit a strange one indeed.

And even if there is an amphibian or a pterosaur fused in there, Ludia could still make the hybrid a carnivore…

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I would assume this is a preview for the upcoming Indominus rex Gen 2 tournament


The image is an indominus rex…maybe Indo gen 2?

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Yeah that’s what I thought.

Yes, I agree. There are some many prehistoric animals which they could add. Why do they just recycle the old ones?

is this a joke because it’s been in the game for like 2 months now


unless it is the hint for indoraptor g2

Brachiosaurus is one of the most known sauropods…

Carcharadonotsaurus…Deinoychus…Albertosaurus…Compsognathus…there’s just so many things Ludia can add.

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I would also love to see the Archaeopteryx. It is a little cute prehistoric pterosaur with feathers.

I believe this is just teasing the indominus gen 2 tournament that is coming up.


Yeah that’s what I thought as well. Not really something new.

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you only named carnivores, how about Saichania, Maiasaura, Struthiomimus, Ornithocheirus, Ornitholestes, Deinosuchus and do not forget Boii (yes that is a real prehistoric amphibian, i had to look up amphibians because i couldn’t think of any lmao)


Deinosuchus would be cool. The king of crocs.

A Theropod Amphibian!

It is most likely teasing Indoraptor Gen 2.

Maiasaura would be amazing. If we had Iguanodon,though.