A new Genus of Marsupial Lion!

Was just reading an article about some fossils that were previously thought to be from another Marsupial Lion, but they discovered that the teeth are so vastly different that it’s actually a totally new genus!


Time to add another Lion to the game :eyes:


Ooh! Now while I think we need a break from cenos for a while, this could be an interesting addition! Although bears are probably gonna be added first cuz they’re in the code… but cats are in the code too…


Bears? Excuse me dino lovers, but I would go nuts if a bear is added. Bet it’ll be Exclusive too.


I think the artist conception looks amazing in the article, and I’d have one for a pet right now (to fight off all these deadly everything’s we have here in Aussieland) if it wasnt for the fact it’s dangerous and extinct =(

Thanks for sharing, very interesting

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Bears would be cool! But now the game truly is going in the direction of becoming Cenozoic World Alive xd


I think they seem to be altering the list of dinosaurs in waves, as first it was dinosaurs and their hybrids, now its Cenozoic and their hybrids, and next im assuming we will go through an Aquatic phase…which just imagine a Mosa with a unique hybrid? heh fun times.

The way I figure the Aquatics will probably start showing around 2.0, but only Lydia knows for sure.


did i hear someone say * BEARS * … ooohhhh hell yeah bring on the ancient GRIZZLY bear because fossil remains show this ancient bear ( giant grizzly bear ) to have stood at a staggering height of around 20 plus feet weighing around some 3,000 pounds or more ( 3 tons ) with razor sharp claws that could slice through a sheet of metal 1 inch thick as though it were mere paper !.


Oh I can imagine Marsupial lion g2…

6000 HP
1900 DMG
40 crit
60 armor
132 spd

Rending strike
Rending takedown

Swap in savagery


No escape

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And it can have its own unique ability - Swap in Awesomeness: Swap in and have the entire enemy team die from merely witnessing the sheer awesomeness of Drop Kittie gen2!