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A New Hope

For those who have done their research on the upcoming Refrenantem and Haast Maximus and those who’ve experienced Gorgotrebax, there appears to be a trend of the newer Apexs being relatively weaker than the original trio of Mortem Rex, Hadros Lux, and Ceramagnus, but still very viable and comparable to Uniques.

Does this descension in power for Apex releases possibly indicate an impending slight but necessary downtuning of the OP 3 to a manageable level? Maybe some hope for a more balanced arena following this boost shuffle? I certainly am crossing my fingers for 2.8 :nerd_face::sunglasses:


i’m gonna laugh if ludia does the old bait and switch on people with nerfing the apexes after the boost shuffle for 2.8/ 2.9. i would be prepared and try to go unboosted after the shuffle to see what happens.


Wouldn’t be the first time. However, I wouldn’t expect a slamming like they’ve done to other creatures. But to say these things are fine is just ignorant considering what we are all witnessing with this shuffle.

never know. ludia does tend to go overboard with nerfs. only thing i hope for is to not butcher Trebax. love the little gremlin. may be a bit OP in its category tho.