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A new Hybrid idea

I noticed that some dinosaurs are not yet crossable, and I would like to change that. I would like to make myself known in this forum by proposing hybrids and the like.

In any case, I got the idea to create a VIP crossbreed, bring Proceratosaurus and Prestosuchus to level 40, and get the Proceratosuchus. Unlocked in the market, it would cost around 87,950 DNA, but its always worth it for this price:

Level 10 = Life: 7601 + Attack: 5821
Level 20 = Life: 10555 + Attack: 8944
Level 30 = Life: 13581 + Attack: 10463
Level 40 = Life: 15000 + Attack: 11500

P.S. If you want this crossing to be added, leave comments so that Ludia can see it

IMO Way too good. We aren’t ready for VIP hybrids anyway at lvl 10 it should have VIP 40 stats


so cool, would be an amphibian because if it is gorgo will finally have a rest