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A new idea for an incubator


How about one rare or epic that all the dinosaurs inside are ingredients for legendary and unique!

Not necessarily the legendary and unique themselves but the ingredients! I think they did this in the past but it’s time to do it again! They can even call it a fusion incubator where everything inside can be fused


Something as simple as a stegosaurus incubator would be useful for me… They are everywhere, until you run low then suddenly a real struggle to find!
Though stegod will probbly be nerfed in new update anyway so probably good I can’t level up


Yes, they did that before, on a premium showcase.
Honestly, that’s totally a tragedy.

Because they didn’t guaranteed all DNA you got from an incubator is for one specific dinosaur.
For example, give Monolophosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus for a Monostegotops.

So you might bought all incubators, but only got some parted DNA all for different hybrids.
The “pool” is too large.


I would like to see that one make a return. At least all the DNA can be used, even if not targeted to one dino. Even the current Epic incubator offers while targeted to a ‘theme’ tend to come with a load of crap in the rares & commons. Some of which cant be used in hybrids at all.