A new Indoraptor

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If you have more to say add your ideas or points in the comments btw sorry forgot to add that

how would an indoraptor have echolocation

It is stated in the movie that it can echolocate

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then shouldnt echolocation be a team move with 1 cooldown
it doesnt do damage

by all means edit it

They took off Defense shattering for a reason

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it’s cunning fierce i feel it deserves it

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Nope,some people here even consider to remove DSR from magna to replace it with APR.
But i don’t worry,ludia won’t give him DSR ,the last one which got DSR was ardentismaxima.Look at him now.He still have DSR but have been nerfed.
He is better with APR now than a DSR and only 1000 atk.


same stats as above (including resistances)

cunning strike
revenge cloak

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i love it
10 char

Say put it back the way it was before 2,0 update. She was better back then.

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A rework for Indo

First, immune to deceleration to 90% ,which mean,under a slow effect,his speed will be 115 (almost 116),so he become now a threat to most of the resilient (his fierce part)

Cleanse impact become cleanse evasive impact ,giving him the opportunity to dodge the first round if he wish and dealing damage in the same time

Evasive stance become Recovery ,giving him a dodge for 2 turns and healing X1,5. (The heal don’t cleanse,so take care of the slowing abilites)

And to finish,a new passive (It is not a no escape ability), Hidden which provide him a natural 25% chance to dodge,can be added with the 75% chance to dodge of recovery and cleanse evasive impact to give 100% chance to dodge.

How to beat it?
The new indo struggle mostly against SHIELDS which will be his weakness,others dodge getting no precise abilities and a double slow if you don’t cleanse.(Slowing impact + resilient rampage can be dangerous,leaving indoraptor to 104 speed be sure you keep your cleanse)


Dude you should’ve done this post this one is way better than the one I made and makes a lot more sense for Indo It’s amazing

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thank you

You know,giving DSR back to indo is not the answer,
I agree the actual version completly underperform,but i don’t want to see another copy/paste of magnapyrritor,it should have his own path,and i feel like evasion is close to his traits.
But in the same time,it keep some fierces abilities (Partial immune to deceleration inherent from indominus and Armor piercing rampage)

I agree now actually even though I love DSR on indo he needs moves more suited to his traits which is a nocturnal killing machine and your version of him is so good and exemplifies what indo really is

Thank you,yes ,DSR suit more on huge tank busters as pure chompers.
I don’t think my version is overpower and it will give a second life to indoraptor.
It will give interesting matchup even against tryko,ardentis,magna,smilo,mammo and some others.
I think he will have really bad time against spyx in the same time (because he excel in destroying the dodges)
And because recovery’s health doesn’t cleanse,bleeder may have their chance aswell.

cleanse should stay

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Here’s my idea:


I like the kit but i don’t think It should have 4200 HP, 3900 is fine with this build