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A new massive update

Here my fanmade massive update

  1. New dinosaur animations :

Herbivores :

Edmontosaurus( legendary)
Ouranosaurus (super rare)
Maiasaura (rare)
Mamenchisaurus (legendary)
Sonorasaurus (super rare)
Giraffatitan (rare)
Scutosaurus (legendary)
Shringasaurus (super rare)
Moschops (rare)

Carnivores :
Megaraptor (legendary)
Australovenator (super rare)
Fukuiraptor (rare)
Citipati (super rare)
Anzu (rare)
Gorgonops (super rare)
Arctops (rare)

New battle stage dinosaurs :
Deinonychus (legendary)
Edaphosaurus (super rare)
Scolosaurus (legendary)
Miragaia (legendary)
Bajadasaurus (super rare)

New gen 2s :
Allosaurus gen 2 (tournament)
Suchomimus gen 2 (tournament)
Dimetrodon gen 2 (tournament)
Sarcosuchus gen 2 (tournament)
Monolophosaurus gen 2 (legendary)
Spinosaurus gen 2 (legendary)
Stegosaurus gen 2 (legendary)
Ankylosaurus gen 2 (legendary)
Irritator gen 2 (super rare)
Carnotaurus gen 2 (super rare)
Koolasuchus gen 2 (super rare)

Hybrids :


You forgot Stegosaurus gen 2 aaaaaand setocerotops gen 2 aaaaaaand monostegotops gen 2

Y E S i would love a suchotator in my park😍

I didn’t forget stegosaurus gen 2. Also i don’t think they will make a stegoceratops gen 2 since there is also a good chance they use trike gen 2 for dracoceratops

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Me too. Here are stats i thought for it’s ingredients and himself

Suchomimus gen 2 level 40
2950 health
940 attack

Irritator gen 2 level 40
930 health
260 attack

Suchotator level 40
3500 health
2300 attack

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This is JWTG, it is not a copy of JWA.


Apparently, JWTG and JWA are introducing more and more features from the other game.

JWTG gets hybrid and creature ideas from JWA while JWA incorporated the Boss feature from JWTG.

But ultimately, both are Ludia games and there’s bound to be many common characteristics in new features.


As he said they will introduce other creatures from jwa. See indominus gen 2, pteraquetzal, dracorex, trike gen 2, dilo gen 2, indoraptor gen 2 and iguanodon

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the last ones have hybrids. are you talking with gen 2s?

Yes i mean gen 2s with hybrids

oh ok then yes that is a massive iddea

where is your cousin spinosaurus gen 2?

He’s in the list. Basal legendary


Hahaha :joy::joy::joy:

Why not Arambourgiania to make Arambourgiasuchus (which is what I call Koolabourgiania.) with Koolasuchus Gen 2 instead?

I forgot arambourgigania. But I would like skoolasaurus more. Besides i would add an alanqa a or quetzalcoatlus gen 2 so we can get alankylosaurus

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It’s going to have to be Alanqa Gen 2 because “Alankylosaurus” means “Phoenix fused lizard”.