A new match has entered the arena

Just got a notification about a new match. From the looks of it, it’s some kind of figure skater??? Has anyone seen them yet?

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I so thought it was Kelsey :roll_eyes::disappointed_relieved:

Another new character? I wish they’d finish stories before adding new characters. :roll_eyes:


Yes I’ve seen him ,but he’s not available for the none vip’s yet… to be honest it’s kind of frustrating that out of the blue they add yet another match when there are already several out there we can swipe on that haven’t got a storyline … and soo many characters with stories who haven’t been updated in months, I think ludia need to realise if they want to hold our interest update existing instead of creating new.


Same. That’s how I felt about how it’s kind of weird that they’ll add more characters but won’t fix the fact that some of the existing ones are glitching and magically appearing in people’s Messages without the option to unmatch them. I just wish they would focus on the characters on hand before adding more.

I understand that frustration. We have so many females that desperately need updating.
What’s equally frustrating to me is that you mentioned the new match is another Guy! Especially when we need more females.

Why do we have a brand new person we have never seen before as a match? I’ve been seeing the same list of unmatchable people for years now. Are they just for show or something? I’ve been waiting for Cain’s story since he first flashed on the screen. Is he a demon/Lucifer or something and they don’t want to make an antichrist/The Omen type story?


I’ve wanted Skye, Kelsey and Pamela for the longest time

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It IS weird that they would randomly give us a new person without giving stories to the ones that have just been floating around for a year and a half

I’ve really would like to know the stories about the unmatchable characters. I’ve been dying to know about them for ages