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A new option for daily missions

If you have trouble completing a daily mission give us the option to pay the rewards to complete that particular one. In other words if the reward for the daily incubator is 5 cash you can complete it by paying 5 cash.

Also why can’t ALL the missions change every day including ones you did not complete the day before. Why does one have to stay if you did not complete it the day before. I have not collected the reward all week because I don’t complete the damn daily defense.

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I think the recent survey asked about letting you swap one task. One a day for free would be nice.

I agree 100% but I am getting desperate! All I have in the game now is daily missions strike events and hanging out with my friends in my alliance. Since I can’t complete the daily there is no point in doing any.

I was enjoying them! I can deal with skipping them a couple times a week but having 1 hang around until you complete it is ridiculous.

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People also voted for highest level in the tournament but I don’t see that in the game. For me that isn’t that great either it is only a temporary fix for a problem that is always there! We should NOT be forced into tournament against our will!

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Maybe Ludia should let you claim the DNA reward as a percentage of tasks complete. You’ll know if you’re not going to get a task done. Just get 7/8 of the dna.


This idea I like. Due to work and family commitments I can’t always complete a day’s missions. So getting something for what I can complete would be nice.

That a daily mission stays around for a week preventing me from competing the daily missions. Why can’t the missions just change on a daily basis. Cmon ludia there is no reason for a DAILY mission to keep coming back until you complete it. If that’s the case call it a weekly mission like the alliance ones!

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