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A new project

I’m starting on leveling a powerful, but not frequently used creature

Anyone else doing something similar?


What is it?

What’s what?

If I can get the maiasuara dna, I’m leveling her. She’s good. And can kill an equal lv/ boosted dc same as smiloceph. only draw back is she is not immune to stuns. Mines lv 18 unboosted and has a spot on my team.

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It!:cuba::cuba: Equal

This is my team atm

It is(though I have only just put the bird on my team) a mid aviary team. I haven’t tried Phorusaura in PVP yet


The way I have her, she’s very situational and rng based. I may booster her later on, but i’m not sure yet. I was able to swap her in and finish off a thor for a win tho, so I call that a plus.

As I said, I have yet to you use it, so I will see how it ends up

I rather like it but I may never see enough DNA from Mia to get it to team level.

I’m holding off on phorusaura in case there’s a unique. With that instant rampage, I feel it may happen. But I am working on this guy…

Here’s what I have for phorus

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I’d definitely would use it, it’s so powerful, two rampages with a base damage of 1500 is a absolute monster, though I would keep it below or at lvl 20 because it will get a unique, maybe not next patch, but it will get a unique, trust me.

I use it on my 2nd account but I use lots of dino’s on my 2nd account as I have so many in that level 16 range. I do like Phorusaura though. It’s a winning team dino.